Who am I?!

I am not really a Superamazingmum.  Far from it, but my eldest son gave me that moniker when I started this social media journey (I didn't think I would keep it up) and it has stuck.  Despite the fact I have "mum" in my blog title, you will find me wittering on about all sorts.  

I am a WAHM/SAHM to 3 gorgeous kids - Beansey aged 7, BoBo 4 and Pixie 2.  My husband is known as HAW (Him At Work).  You can find out more about us on the review page of my blog. 

Many moon ago I worked in the glamorous world of TV advertising but gave up the expense accounts and jet setting ways to be a SAHM.   In 2010, I ventured back into the work environment, this time as my own boss with an amazing Kiwi business partner and now we see ourselves at the helm of a potential empire!

I can't believe I resisted blogging for so long as I am LOVING it! I have always had a diary, and looking back at my 16 year old self, I am quite glad that blogging wasn't around in the 80s. I enjoy reading other people's blogs (always was quite nosy) and I hope you all enjoy my mutterings.