We are happy to review products that are relevant to us.  We are a family of five and we all do it with integrity!  If we love your product we will say so, if we thing it could do better, well yes, we will say that as well.  

I am a self confessed junkie of all things beauty/fashion led and I am always searching for that elusive cream that will make me look a million dollars.  I am still searching but enjoy the journey.

I also have my own business as a photographer and spent 18 years in advertising giving me a great insight into brand identification and positioning.  I love cooking, reading, exercising and blogging.  I tweet @superamazingmum.  

I manage the Under 8's at the rugby club so have access to a large number of parents if things need a more in depth review.  I am also on the PTA and help to run a toddler group giving me access to lots of lovely parents who also like trying out new things.

HAW (Him at work) is my husband.  He is a workaholic in the financial sector.  He loves the finer things in life and is a gadget freak.  He can be found on the rugby pitch as he coaches the Under 6's.   Together we enjoy eating out, entertaining and holidays - the more the merrier.

Beansy is 8.  He is sports mad and plays rugby and football at competitive level. He loves lego, computer games, drawing and reading.  He would spend all day everyday outside if we let him.  He would review your products on my blog himself. 

Beau Bo is 5.  He is a born actor! Loves nothing more than dressing up and singing but he loves his big brother more.  They play lego, computer games and make believe.  He is very studious and also loves sport. 

Pixie is 3.  She is my "princess".  She adores her dollies, fairy dress up and Rose Petal Cottage.  She also loves books and bubbles.  She has just started to show an interest in drawing and is always rushing around.

We will always be honest and put maximum effort into reviewing your product.  We will use video and photographic support but most of all, we will have fun doing it.

If you would like us to review your brand, then please drop me an email: