Thursday, 16 January 2014

How many people does it take to film a TV ad?

A gazillion years ago, I worked in advertising.  More specifically, the advertising sales department of various TV departments across Europe which basically meant taking advertising agency planners and buyers and of course the clients, to the poshest restaurants and winning their business with my dazzling sales pitches.   Not a bad way to earn a living!

I didn't really get involved in the creative side of advertising, although my flatmate was a creative director at one of London's largest agenices and she was always waffling on about locations, and sets and extras and storyboards.  Truth be told, I didn't really listen to her waffle as she didn't to mine.  There was always a bit of rivalry between creatives and media types as the creatives felt the media lot got all the jollies whilst they grafted yet the media lot felt the creatives got all the accolade for creating a "campaign with a buzz".  Things have changed now beyond recognition and gone are the days when it was down to the media buyer to place the client in relevant media.  Now there are specialists for specialists and it all seems rather confusing to an old ad bird like me.

You may have seen the latest Center Parcs TV commercial which focuses on #yourfamilyyourtime.  It shows the diversity of a Center Parcs break and demonstrates that you can create a holiday around YOUR family needs.  It certainly appeals to me with 3 children with varying different interests and needs, not to mention the spa for some much needed, never gotten me time!

The ad is just a mere 51 seconds long, but have a look at this  infogram to see what it actually takes to make a TV commercial:  

Center Parcs Numbers Behind TV Advert
[Image provided courtesy of Center Parcs, specialist in UK breaks]

I can't believe so much goes into making a commercial of under a minute, suddenly I can see why the creatives used to get (and probably still do) a bit miffed.

Me?  I say "one love" to you all, and I wonder if I can *still* get a booking for Nobu at 8pm, window seat?

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. I would never ever have guessed that so so so so so much goes into making an advert - going to watch it RIGHT NOW xx

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