Wednesday, 20 November 2013

LOVING the #legochallenge

We have been asked to participate in the #legochallenge which sees Lego joining forces with Shell and its technical partner Ferrari by launching an exclusive range of six limited edition mini ferrari models that you can own for just £1.49 when you fill up with £30 or more of Shell V-power nitro unleaded and diesel fuel.

You can then participate in weekly challenges and be in with the chance of winning prizes!  Lego and a competition? Well my competitive kids were in like a shot, especially the boys who are both obsessed with cars and dream of owning a ferrari one day!

They have quite literally spent hours nay days playing with the lego, sparking their imagination as they firstly designed the jump, the stadium and adding various bits and bobs from around the house to the (in their words) ultimate jump station.  They are now in cahoots about designing a proper racing track although I'm not sure how they will do with that as the cars can only go forwards using a clever pull back mechanism.

Here's a wee video showing our #legochallenge from tart to finish, I hope you enjoy!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

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