Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Grassroots Rugby and Beyond....

Regular readers will know that we are huge rugby fans and the boys have both been playing since they were three years old.  Not only is it a great physical sport, it also helps them to play as a team, to show respect for fellow players, coaches and referees and to enjoy something as a family.  I have managed Beansy's team for the last 5 years, and it is only because we moved clubs that I am no longer as involved as I once was.  That said, you can find me every Sunday, come rain or shine, standing on the sidelines cheering the boys on.  I am also just setting up the school rugby club - see, couldn't keep me away that long!!!

Having moved from South London to Oxfordshire, our nearest local club is now London Wasps and so when Brita invited us along to a game as VIP's, we jumped at the chance!!  Premiership rugby divides us as a family, I support Quins, Beansey supports Saracens and Bobo is a Wasps fan so he was particularily keen to go and watch a live game.  Beansey and I, well we just appreciate a good game of rugby!

Brita are proud sponsors of the London Wasps Community Foundation who have one key aim, which is to educate, motivate and inspire people through the power of sport.  Pretty strong words and with a community target of 150,000 that is pretty powerful stuff!

Every school holiday, the London Wasps Community Foundation runs CoacHclasses within the community.   This looks at building a healthier, more active community using rugby as the common factor and is open to children from 6-16.  I am all for grassroots rugby and the boys are attending a session in November of which they will be vlogging about!

These CoacHclasses are a great way to keep kids active during the school holidays and allows them to learn some core rugby skills in a fun environment, what is NOT to like??

Our day was brilliant, we were treated like royalty and watching the game from a box was briliant, we were right next to the players friends and family box and BoBo was soon sitting with the pros and chatting away asking them the most random of questions, they LOVED him!

The game was great. a bit slow in places but a result of 32 - 16 in favour of the Wasps.  A very happy BoBo!

Do your children play rugby?  

Would love to know what you think!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo 


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