Saturday, 27 July 2013

Happy Birthday BoBo!!

and yet another year passes me by.  One of my babies is a whole year older, this time it is BoBo!  As has been my "tradition" for the last few years, I am writing a letter to you on your birthday: (but this is 9 days late due to no internet connection yet, my apologies!)

My beautiful boy

Dear Bobo,

Oh my gosh, you are now 7.  A huge 7 years old and the first to celebrate your birthday in the 'shire.  Happy Birthday my angel!

This year has seen you go through a lot of changes, a new home and a new school but you have embraced them with your good humour and positivity and I am SO proud of you for that, but the strops dude, COME ON, surely you must be growing out of them by now?!

You are a thinker, you take everything on board before commenting, and you are so SO clever.  Where you get your brains from I have no idea, you really are naturally gifted and don't even need to learn your spellings weekly, you already know them!  You are reading the same books as Beansey (much to his chagrin) and you have worked so so hard on your writing this year.  I still say you were forced to be left handed though when you were right.  You have been really frustrated by your inability to write properly, whilst you know what the answer is in your head, to actually try and get that down onto paper has proven frustrating.

Your school year has been mixed, whilst you have shone academically, you have been in trouble in the playground.  It hasn't helped that you have been hanging with "bad boys" and believe you me, you have been just as bad as them at times, but you need to STOP being influenced and be your own person.   You are easily led whether that by your older brother or friends.  I wish more than anything you can learn how to stand up for yourself this year and have the confidence to say "no" without fear of not fitting in.

When we knew we were moving, you didn't look back.  It was you I was worrying about, would you make friends, settle in?  You are not as confident as your siblings but I shouldn't have worried, you have fitted right in to your new class and have made some lovely friends already.

You are also an excellent sportsman, you prefer football to rugby and considering you are almost a whole year younger than most of your teammates, have done incredibly well.  Your school report this year states "BoBo is an excellent and capable sportsman yet must realise that it is not always about winning and being "the best" that counts"  I think your teacher is trying to tell me that you are a bad sport!  I realise this as well and am doing my best to help you see that winning isn't the only thing you can learn from sport!  However, being competitive myself, I can see exactly where you are coming from!

This year has also seen you lose your beautiful auburn curls!  I cried!  I was devastated when you came back from the barbers but I also appreciate that I can't keep you as my long haired lovely if you don't want to and the fact that you are expressing an opinion for something, well I have always said I wouldn't hold my children back.  I am hoping though that the fact your new friends have longer hair may influence you again ;-)

You are still very sensitive to others, always giving them a cuddle if you see someone is sad, taking the time  out to make sure everyone is happy, this is an AMAZING character trait and one that you should be very proud of.

I love you so SO much my darling boy, you are my little "pocket rocket" and I am so proud to be your mother.   Every time I look into those big brown eyes of yours, my heart melts.

Love you always and forever

Mummy xxxxx

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