Monday, 4 February 2013

A perfect day out in London

Most Sundays during the winter months sees us pitch side as the boys play rugby and so, yesterday, after a bout of sickness from Pixie last week, I decided that we needed some "girlie time" that didn't involve the boys!

I am very conscious of the fact that trying to divide my time between three children, running the household, my business, my blog (always the most neglected, sorry!) and friends and other commitments is a gentle one of balance, and it is something that I struggle with daily.    I try and spend  each time with the children on their own before bedtime and we have a set day after school when the other two do activities for some "one on one" as well, even if it is just to do homework!

We were invited to a screening of Hotel Transylvania at the Nat Geo store in Knightsbridge, right opposite Harrods.  Pixie enjoyed the film but I think it is better suited to the boys age wise - it was certainly the little boys who were squealing and laughing their way through the film whereas she was a bit restless.  It was nice anyway to catch up with Jo and H and the coffee was superb (but I am still bemused that at a PR event we had to pay for our own coffee - bizarre)

After the screening we popped over the road to Harrods as I wanted to see if they were stocking astalift which is being heralded as the new anti ageing wonder cream.  If you haven't heard of it, it is set to become a cult classic (you heard it here first!) and has had amazing results and accolade worldwide.  I was all set to buy some, but unfortunately  Harrods are not stockists - GUTTED.  Not sure if I will get a chance to get up to Selfridges in the week which I know do stock it.

Pixie was by this stage, getting a wee bit restless and so, I told her that I had an amazing surprise and that she was going to get her own pair of "Cinderella slippers".   You may recall that back that in 2009, Harrods had a "Wizard of Oz" theme at Christmas time including a room where you could get your very own pair of Ruby Red Slippers.  This was Pixie's first Christmas and Santa delivered her a pair of red sparkly shoes which I credit for her insatiable appetite now for all things sparkly!  She wore them lots and when she outgrew them, I turned them into a Christmas tree decoration so we will always remember her first pair of shoes - she still loves them today and they look fab on the Christmas tree!

Harrods Wizard of Oz

On the 4th floor of Harrods is a "disney pop up" area, over 7,000 square feet of disney magic with a "cinderella slipper room" as the centrepiece.  Here from just £24 you can get your hands on your very own pair of cinderella slippers!  Pixie was in awe, she was ushered in and measure for her own pair of slippers - would they fit my princess?  There were were plenty of mirrors to parade in front of and she was thrilled that they were the perfect fit!

My only misgiving?  They had a small heel.  She of course was delighted to have "clippy cloppy" shoes but as much as I hate them, I couldn't bear to not let her have them after promising her a surprise (the flats in her size had sold out) and I figured that if she only wears them to parties, what harm can it do?  I'll get another gorgeous Christmas decoration out of it and as they say, if the shoe fits, wear it!

Harrods cinderella slippers

The Disney "pop up" isn't going to be there for much longer, so this really is your last chance to buy your very own pair of exclusive Cinderella slippers.  My only regret - I didn't get myself a pair!!!  They would have been "perfect" for the winterwonderland ball this coming Saturday in aid of making waves for alex.

Am kicking myself now!  

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

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  1. What a beautiful post. Do they still fit? She must have loved it x


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