Sunday, 6 January 2013


Welcome to the first PAPS of 2013.

If you haven't joined in before, WELCOME, grab a cuppa or something stronger if you fancy and Read what the PAPS are all about.  This is a totally selfless linky and I want you to tell us who has written something amazing this week.

My first PAPS of the year goes to someone who I have had the pleasure to meet on several occasions, she is a beautiful, spiritual and caring person and she has written a post this week that has brought me to tears. I am of course talking about Liska from New Mum Online.

Like the rest of the blogging community, I was incredibly shocked to hear that a fellow blogger and friend, Kerry Farrow from multiple Mummy had passed away just before Christmas from a brain aneurysm.  She was  just 30 years of age.  Kerry was a beautiful lady inside and out and her death has greatly affected many people.

Kerry's remembrance service was on Friday, and as much as I would have liked to have attended to celebrate her life, logistics meant I couldn't.  

Liska has wrote this post which is heartfelt and intimate and shares with us the emotions of Kerry's service.

It is simply called Today, 4th January 2013.

I'll leave you with this photo of Myself, Liska and Kerry and may she RIP, always in our hearts.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. Thank you for hosting this and for PAPS'ing my post. I so so love that picture of us.
    Big hugs S.A.M.
    Liska xxx

  2. EEEeeeh I just commented and it got swallowed somehow? Liska xx

  3. What I'd said was thank you for hosting this, and PAPSing my post.

    and that I love that picture of the 3 of us, which I think was taken at the Boots' Treat Street event.

    Hope to see you again soon S.A.M.

    Liska xx

  4. Donna@MummyCentral6 January 2013 at 18:42

    Just found this blog hop - and think I'm a little late to join in - but will definitely read a lot of blogs and join in next week by PAPSing my favourite

  5. hey, i was going to put her post up i cannot put hers up anymore now as you have xxx i am so heartbroken soph...and what a lovely lovely pic xx

  6. I remember that event! I was there too. Oh, life can be so very cruel sometimes. Thank you Sophie, for sharing Liska's's been a tough week for many of us. Love and strength to you xx


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