Saturday, 12 January 2013

Forget Cubs, the boy is off to Rock School.......

I liken my boys to dogs - they need lots and lots of exercise, tons of food and love in abundance.  However, as keen as I am for them to play sport, I also think that they should follow other non sporty pursuits.  I was a brownie and guide when I was younger and had an absolutely amazing experience, I had such fun and learnt lots of life skills and thought that giving the boys the opportunity to go to beavers and cubs would be a good one.

BoBo has loved it since the minute he joined, he is diligent about badges and really looks forward to Friday nights.  Beansey on the other hand, has NEVER enjoyed cubs, we have tried two packs now and he just doesn't enjoy it and it had gotten to the point where I was making him go, and every week I was faced with a barrage or tears and strops.  I realised that just because I enjoyed the experience, it isn't going to be for everyone, and he is NOT me.   So, he quit.

We had a long chat, and his interests apart from sport are music and fashion.  When I asked him what he could do that was not sporty as an outside interest, he said he wanted to be in a rock band.

So, I turned to google and found a local rock academy that I just knew he was going to go nuts for.

You basically pay up for a 12 week course, the children go along and choose an instrument, they then learn four covers and put it together.  After that, they are put into groups, have to come up with a name, write their own song and perform as a "battle of the bands" scenario at the end of the course.

I mean how AMAZING is that??!!

He had his first lesson last night and came out so animated and happy, we have borrowed an electric guitar of a friend and he has been playing chords for most of the day.  He even told me that when it gets to band stage, he is going to suggest the name "the troublemakers".

Rock on!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. Looks like he was born to rock!

  2. Anya from OSM and The Healer13 January 2013 at 09:53

    Crikey - he looks like he was born to do it - and perhaps he was!

  3. time will tell!! He is currently in his room "practising" - pass me the earplugs!

  4. he definitely has the "look" I agree! Thanks for commenting x


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