Thursday, 6 December 2012

May I introduce the PAPS.......

Last week I was sad to read that one of my favourite bloggers Crystal Jigsaw has lost her blogging mojio.  Today, I saw that another fab blogger not supermum has blogged similar and to be honest, I have been feeling the same.  When I started blogging a few years ago, it was all about the writing (good or bad) the community and companionship   Lately it feels as if you need a PHD in social media to just keep up.  It seems that we are expected to know how to write code, edit HTML and be experts on various different media platforms. 

Google +, twitter, facebook,, Stumbleupon, well you get my drift, the list AND time commitment goes on.  There are rumblings everywhere about stats, and charts and petty jealousies over who has been invited to what, and who is NFI.  

At the heart of it all is a feeling of discontent.  A lot of bloggers are getting fed up with the commercialisation of blogging.  A community that was once all about the content and companionship  is rapidly becoming a commodity as blogging turns into a social media enterprise.    It is all about the self promotion.

I miss the randomness of blogging, I used to love dipping in and out of my favourite blogs catching up with family news or reading something funny.  Now, I have to scan through a plethora of sponsored content and reviews to find that hidden gem.   Time is crucial, I quite simply don't have the time to do this and so, am missing out of some of brilliant posts.

Then I had my lightbulb moment.

What if others felt the same?  What if we could show some of the love and pass on a post by another blogger that has touched us in some way.  A post that has made us roar with laughter, nod in agreement or sob in compassion?  What if we could have a central place where we could link up so that the wider community could find these amazing posts that would otherwise fly under the radar. 

What if we left some "comment love" for the post that was pimped?  

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the PAPS.  Otherwise known as "Pimp a Post Sunday".  I'm even going to give it a #PAPS so we can all find it easily.  

I'd love you to do the following:

1) Write a quick intro to the post that you are pimping and why, it must be a post that has been written in the last week on another bloggers blog
2) It can be from around the World, any genre and any topic.
3) Link up your post so we can find all the good reads

Easy huh???

Any other things we should add?? 

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. Can't wait to dive in and find something worthy of #PAPS - funny that it sounds similar to when one gets papped by the press - I guess this is a way of giving our peers some "press" :-)
    Great idea that woman xx

  2. Love this idea! Cannot wait, I love a good read! x

  3. I just like the name because it reminded me of BAPS! Let's face it, most bloggers have good ones ;-)

  4. so do I! I thought a Sunday would be ace as can sit down for a good read without having to wade through tons of reviews or sponsored posts once the kids are in bed and I have an hour to myself!

  5. Crystal Jigsaw6 December 2012 20:49

    First of all thank you for the mention and your kind words. I was very sad to write that post last week because blogging has changed considerably over the years, and in a lot of cases it hasn't changed for the better. Newer bloggers won't understand where we're coming from especially if they entered the blogging world after PR's, sponsored posts and reviews took over - which is happening before our eyes.

    I'm not blogging until new year at least as you know but am happy to follow this and support where I can. Good luck with it. It's a great idea and if we can introduce some of the newer bloggers to the old fashioned, back to basics way of blogging where the most important aspect of the post was its well-written content rather than an advert, then it's a job well done.

    CJ x

  6. indeed *coughs* they do. I guess they are needed as a rest pouch while we drool on the keyboard half asleep LOL x

  7. Molly @ Mother's Always Right6 December 2012 21:21

    Really great idea. x

  8. Thanks for the mention, and yes - Paps - great idea!

  9. Lovely idea, can't wait to see what gets PAP'd.

  10. love it soph xxx clever girl xxx

  11. thanks you...just make sure you do something so I'm not on my Jack Jones!!! xxx

  12. me either. It'll be interesting to see if people bother to spend 10 minutes writing and pimping out someone elses post that has tickled their fancy! Totally selfless but in the whole community spirit thing! Thanks for commenting x

  13. Hopefully we can go full circle and get lots of lovely posts to read! I so SO hope we get about 10 entries so I can spend Monday night having a good read with my wine!

  14. thank you so much, means a lot. Looking forward to seeing what gets PAP'd!

  15. Such a fab idea! Love it.....and going to sign up to emails to make sure I don't miss it on Sunday (mainly due to my over-40 yr old, addled brain!)

  16. Do we do it before or after Silent Sunday I wonder... *pondering* x

  17. Pressies by Pebbles9 December 2012 21:41

    Love love this idea, thanks for introducing :)

  18. This is a really good idea, I will try and dip in as it would be great to have posts to read that others recommend! Good on you for hosting too :)

  19. Mum in Meltdown11 January 2013 13:51

    What a great idea it will be lovely to have posts recommended to read and catch up on. Thanks for hosting I will hopefully dip in too :)

  20. Excellent idea and I have the Mother of all PAPS for you this Sunday ;)


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