Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Meme

My lovely T has tagged me in a Christmas MeMe and as it has been simply AGES since I did one, I have taken the time to participate. Well it is Christmas after all!!

Here we go?

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Easy one - the fact that HAW has nearly 3 weeks off every year and we just get to hang out as a family.      We have an open door policy and have friends over a fair bit for mulled wine and chilling out.  I love the whole tradition of Christmas and we have lots of lovely things planned that we do every year - PJ's delivered by Santa on the doorstep Xmas Eve,  Trip to the local panto, up to London to see the lights, Santa at Harrods and the obligatory ice skating.  I LOVE it!

What is your favourite make up look for the season?

I love the classic but simple look of lashings of mascara and a bright red lipstick!  The best lipstick  by far for longevity is MAC pro longwear  which will last the whole day without re-applying and will last whilst you eat, drink and  heavy duty kiss (ha!)  under the mistletoe without budging!   You should also take the time to look after your skin as the excess of over indulging and radiator heat will wreck havoc with your skin.  A good, thirsty moisturiser is a must!

Real or Fake tree?

Absolutely has to be real.  Can't abide fake as I am a traditionalist who enjoys the whole process of going en masse to select the "best" tree, then decorating it as a family with hot chocolate for the kids and mulled wine for the grown ups.  I also HATE tinsel so we have a ton of baubles, lots of lights and more importantly, a shed load of home made goodies that the kids have made over the years.  I also let the kids choose their own decoration each year so that when they leave home, they have a collection for their first ever tree.    I'm sitting here now and can smell the tree - who wouldn't want that lovely smell to greet them every day?

Giving or receiving presents?

Whilst I love getting presents, I definitely prefer the act of giving.  I have had 63 pressies to buy this year (not including the kids stockings!) and each present has been carefully thought out with the recipient in mind - I try to be a bit unique and luckily get to attend many Christmas Fairs as part of my job and so get to meet lots of lovely independents who have a unique array of gifts.  I really hope everyone likes what they have got this year!

Do you open your presents in the morning or the evening??

We are woken up with squeals of "He's been, He's been" at around 6am, and then we get all three kids snuggled into bed with us with heaving stockings.  I spend a little bit extra on the stocking presents as would rather get them things that they will use throughout the year rather than plastic *pocket money* toys that are broken or lost by boxing day.  I also get around 70% of their stocking fillers from the Charity Shop saving money that way.  Have got some brilliant bits this year including a remote controlled mini (BNIB) for just £3!    The kids then get their Santa presents (ie the big ones!) as soon as we go downstairs and then play with their toys whilst we get lunch read.

We leave our tree presents from other friends and family until after lunch.  We always pass them out and watch each person open one so there isn't a mad rush and mountain of paper.  I think it is important to take the time to see what each other has and for me to make a note for thank yous!

What is your favourite Christmas Film?

I adore Elf.  What's not to love??? 

What is your favourite Christmas Food?

Oh my, that is a hard question!  I love the whole indulgence of Christmas food and the planning and preparation takes a fair while and has been the topic of family discussion these past few days.  We have decided on a shellfish platter for starters followed by our tradition of a 3 bird roast.  I think if pushed, I would choose pigs in blankets as this is the only time of year we have these bad boys and I LOVE them!!

I am going to tag the following but please feel free to join in even if I haven't tagged you!

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Life, Loves and....

Can't wait to see how you all celebrate!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. Thank you for tagging me. However, I already did this one. lol. Here is the link. And I actually tagged you in it! lol.

  2. aahhh a good old Christmas meme - I'll join in over the weekend!
    Your christmas sounds great, btw - can I come and stay?


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