Friday, 23 November 2012

Weightwatchers Back to Best - Week 8

Morning Everyone,

Firstly, welcome and apologies for not blogging these past two weeks, it has been purely a time issue as we had a once in a lifetime trip to Disneyland Paris and our Beansey was 9 years old.  The last two weigh ins saw me stay the same the morning we were leaving for Disney and lose 1lb last week (even after all that birthday and Disney eating!) which I was happy with.

This week I have been good, I've got back into tracking (this is the only way I can do this, I know some people just eat food from the filling and healthy list and still manage to lose, but for me, if I am NOT tracking, that is when my portion control gets out of hand.

In fact, what I have established on this journey is that it is NOT what I am eating that was wrong, but the quantity.  I swear my plate is half the size it was.  I think living with HAW who is a) greedy and b) a good cook has meant that over the years, it wasn't just my portion size that had crept up.

For those of you that are also on a weight loss journey, have you had a "moment" where you realised what your trigger is?   I am definitely a comfort eater who uses food as a reward.  

E.g I have had a stressful day so I will "reward" myself with a bar of chocolate.  

This is something I am working on,  there have definitely been food issues in my past in terms of binge eating chocolate as a teenager then making myself sick and then in my early twenties and living on my own, I would quite often not eat all day and then gorge at night.  I also made myself sick on several occasions.

I've never admitted that to anyone before, expect a flatmate who caught me in the act, but by facing it head on, I hope that as I continue to lose weight I can fight the demons on my mind concerning food.  They are certainly there and need knocking down!

The good news is that this week  I have lost 2lbs taking my total to 12lbs in 8 weeks which I am really *really* happy with.  I am going to set myself the following targets this week:

1) Stay on plan for another 2lbs loss taking my total to the magical 14lbs (a stone!)
2) Drink lots of water
3) Ignore the "wellwishers" who keep commenting on what I am eating.  You're doing my head in, shut up!!!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. Firstly a huge well done on the loss again this week. You are doing amazingly well! But also well done for changing your habits and more importantly sharing them with us. It must have been so tough to be going through that alone, your not alone, we are all here supporting and cheering you on now on your amazing achievements!

  2. I think food is a battle for lots of us. I can't remember a time where i didn't categorise food as good or bad, or feel guilty for indulging, or indeed spend too much time focussing on it! I too comfort eat, and boredom eat- more so since giving up smoking a few years back, and oe of my tasks now I am nearing my goal weight is to take what I have learned from this diet and use it to keep the weight off! Portion size is def a big lesson- esp with carbs! Well done for sticking with it! :)

  3. Well done on losing all that weight!! You're doing brilliantly!!

    My problem is that if I get bored at work and have too much time to think that I'll find something to eat, and our local shops are rubbish for healthy things - which was my biggest problem. That and chips.. and portion sizes too. You're right - WW is a huge eye opener! Just tracking food has made us all see (as a family) that we were eating way too much every day. Heck, even Shaun is doing couch to 5k (he's on week 4 now!)

  4. Big well done on being honest with yourself Soph. Good luck with confronting those food demons. Mich x


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