Sunday, 18 November 2012

Our Beansy is 9!

On your 3rd Birthday

Dear Beansy,

Happy Birthday sweetheart, 9 dude, 9 years old!  Where on *earth* have those years gone?  You'll be in double figures soon enough and it is going waaaaaaayyyy to quickly for me!   I can remember the day we bought you home from hospital, it was bitterly cold and yet this November is so mild.  How the years and seasons change.

This year has been phenomenal for you,  I have seen you change so much, not least your lovely long locks have been cut off.  You finally got your own way, and ground me down and now you are sporting a gelled back to the side do.   I have lost my long haired lovely! Although, if the truth be told, you look incredibly handsome with your new style.

Schoolboy Vampire on Halloween
You have excelled at school, winning a much coveted headmistress's award which are rarer than hens eggs for excellent behaviour and achievement which saw you go up two levels in two weeks.    This has never happened before and everyone including your teachers are so happy with you and what you do at school.  You are also turning into a real gent, holding doors open for people, offering to help carry things for people up and down the train station steps and of course, remembering your manners.  You're not always so good at home but hey, nobodies perfect!

It is not just school where you are excelling, you are a natural sportsman and your rugby team have gone from strength to strength, including being crowned the grand champions of the Curtain Raiser Cup which is amazing.  You've all embraced the game of contact and although my heart is in my mouth, I know you are really passionate about the game.  You've already won festivals as a team and the comradeship amongst you all is commendable.  This was cemented by our inaugural rugby tour to Butlins in May.

You have also turned into somewhat of a fashion freak.  You have a very strong opinion on what you want to wear from chinos and abercrombie hoodies to your onesie (more to follow!).

On your actual birthday this year, you represented the school at cross country and came a respectable 8th out of 127th!  I couldn't believe it when I was watching, you were all running so far and so well but you were utterly exhausted at the end.  I've never seen that in you before and after the initial shock, you were raving about how much fun it was.  You wanted a "skyfall" party and so, we headed off to the local cinema with 6 of your friends to watch the film.  You had invited your "girlfriend" and you were such a lovely boy, you didn't run off with the boys and ignore her but insisted on her sitting next to you.  Even when you knocked her ice cream over, you offered her your one!  We then had two of your friends for a sleepover and you were all so well behaved, if a little noisy!!!

You and your belle in matching onesies!

I can sometimes catch glimpses of the man you will become,  I've just asked you what you want to be when you grown up and you are still saying the same as the previous years "rugby player or a marine".  

Whatever you do end up doing, you have our full support and love (oh so much love) and I will always be here for you come what may.  You are so loved by so many and I m so proud to call you my son.

Love you lots and lots


Mummy xoxo


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