Friday, 23 November 2012

Disneyland Paris 20th Birthday Celebrations

We were so fortunate to be invited to the Wreck it Ralph European press Junket and as guests of Disney (how amazing is that?!) we got to spend 3 days in Disneyland Paris where the film was being premiered.

I can't mention the "D" word in this house anymore, as every night, without fail, since we have got back, at least one of the kids has said "mummy, when can we go back to Disney again".  

It was by far and away, the best three days we have spent in a long time and here's why.

We decided to travel by Eurostar as we can get to St Pancras in less than 40 minutes from our home station.  It has been a long time since I used Eurostar as at one time in my working career, I was going backwards and forwards to head office in Paris monthly.  I had forgotten how relaxed it is compared to flying and after an uneventful check in, we boarded our train and set off.

On arrival, we quite literally walked the 10 minutes it took to arrive at Disneyland Paris and as we were lucky enough to be staying in the Disneyland Paris Hotel which is right at the entrance to the park.  The hotel is 5 star and although tired in places (old fashioned) it was a magical experience.  Everywhere you went you were confronted with all things disney from the amazing Christmas tree in reception filled with candy goodies to the tiles in the bathroom.  Heck, even the wallpaper was disney flock.  Our room was huge and the bath tub big enough for my three to all squeeze in.   We had two double beds and a sitting room, it really was a suite and plenty big enough for us.  Again, the soft furnishings were dated but clean and plentiful and the beds were uber comfy.

Breakfast was buffet style and plentiful, and there was no limit as to what you could have which of course amused my children.  Every day we were greeted by disney charachters who totally captivated the children.  By the end of our stay, Pixie was a total disney addict, rushing up and giving kisses and cuddles to all and sundry.  She also "dressed" for breakfast everyday in a variety of princess and Minnie costumes she insisted on bringing!

The magic of disney had bewitched us all even before we hit the parks and we did our best to cram in as much as we could over the next two days.  Just walking through the arch and into the park changes the atmosphere, you can "feel" the magic and the sense of anticipation.    The rides are brilliant, action packed and scary and there was enough to do to satisfy my three who all have different levels of enjoyment.  For Pixie there was of course, the magic of meeting the princesses. We queued for nearly 2 hours, but her little face when she met Princess Tiana was priceless.  She really spent along time talking to her and is still talking about it today.

The rides were brilliant although the queues were long.  My advise is to get fast passes for the ones you really want to do as you get allocated a time in which to do these.  As soon as you arrive in the park, go to your favourite ride and use the fast track machine.  These get allocated really quickly so plan well! Otherwise, comfy shoes are a must as are snacks for the children.

Food in the park is expensive and picnics are not allowed.  We don't do "fast food" as a family so were thrilled when we stumbled upon the Agrabah Cafe in the park which was styled on a Moroccan souk.  Again buffet style, there was an abundance of salad, roasted veggies, cous cous, fruit, kebabs and pasta dishes and it really represented good value for money in comparison to the other restaurants.   It was a welcome pit stop as was very relaxed and chilled and not at all busy, plenty of time for fresh mint tea all round!

We then spent the next two days going on every ride going, from the sheer and utter terror of the Hollywood Tower of Terror (mine) to the more genteel nature of Peter Pan's Flight ride which "flew" you over the streets of London before going to Neverland.  It was utterly awesome, and it really was magical.

Rides aside, the parades were fantastic.  We had prime spot for the Christmas Parade and the whole of Disneyland was transformed into a Christmas spectacular winter wonderland with Christmas trees, and candy canes, holly wreaths and of course, the penultimate parade with the man himself.

The fireworks were amongst the best I have EVER seen.  We were privvy to an amazing private display and a party to end all parties to promote Wreck it Ralph.  Having "done" corporate hospitality for the last 20 years, HAW and I were blown away by the attention to detail and all round amazingness of the party from face painting to dancing with princesses, to eating oysters and langousitines all under a twinkling starry ceiling. 

We were so lucky to be invited and experience a "once in a lifetime" Disney extravaganza.  We had a brilliant time with brilliant people and I know that we will all always remember our magical, Disney weekend.

We can't wait to go back!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

We were guests of Disney and had our accommodation, food and park entry provided to us for the purpose of this review.  This doesn't influence our opinions in any way shape or form.


  1. Looks like you've had an amazing time. Great photos. I looked at them with Amy earlier and she got really excited about Minnie Mouse waving :)

  2. What a wonderful memory...we have been there in January and it was amazing

  3. Thank you lovely for commenting. I don't blame Amy for getting excited, Minne and I had a"stare out" was a bit freaky in a way! Made for a good picture though!!!!

  4. It really was a once in a lifetime memory xx

  5. wow how lovely! i dream of the day i can take my girls :) x x x gorgeous photos.


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