Monday, 5 November 2012

A day at Disney HQ London

As you all know, we are Disney mad in this household and in six sleeps time (squee!) we are off for our first ever visit to Disneyland Paris.  The kids are all the perfect age at 8, 6 and 4 and we have some VERY special treats lined up.  All will be revealed in due course!

 I am not sure who is more excited, us adults or the kids In the half term, we were invited to Disney HQ in London to have a look at what Disney has to offer for the Christmas games market.  I am no gamer, and I can't begin to tell you what they were doing and on what console, but I know they played various different games on the wii, dsi and xbox whilst I --gossiped-- with Sabina from Mummy Matters.

The first game that they got stuck into was Disney Epic Mickey 2 which is the sequel to Epic Mickey.  The kids were Mickey and Oswald the rabbit who is the first ever Disney cartoon star and for the first time ever, you get to hear his voice.   They are transported to wasteland where you have to re-create characters from the last 80 years of Disney magic to restore the magical land.    From what I saw, this was really creative as Mickey has a magic wand that you can use to create characters from Disney past and present.  I love the way it brings together the Disney magic and both boys really enjoyed this game.  I think this has longevity in the marketplace as not only is it a good game but it also takes you on a nostalgic trip.   

I blogged about Brave in the summer and so, was delighted to see that they are now bringing out a game based on the truly amazing film.  Merida is one of my all time favourite princesses, I love her whole attitude and spunk and although my little lady wouldn't agree with me (Sleeping beauty and Cinderella ALL the way) she is rather fond of our flame haired heroine. 

The first thing that struck me about this was Merida's hair (yes, yes I know that is not the point of the game) but I was disappointed to see that it was a mish mash rather than those beautiful ringlets, I am sure this will be down to graphics and pixels but I think I was expecting the game to look as good as the Pixar animation.   I am sure there is a technical reason for this, so over to the kids who DO know what they are talking about!

Beansey, aged 9 "Mummy, this is epic, we get to fight the grizzly and he looks so mean and scary"

BoBo aged 6 "This is cool".  Eyes back to screen, ignoring me. hmmmm

I think that speaks for itself.

They also played lots of other games including the epic Toy Story Mania and of course, my little Pixie was hooked on the Disney Princess, my fairy princess game (separate review to follow!).

We had a lovely day hanging out at HQ, but the highlight for us all was a very special screening of Toy Story 3 in 3d in the screening room.  We all love the Toy Story trilogy and there may or may not have been a few people tearing up when Andy says a final farewell to his toys.

It was at this point that my kids decided to say to each other "oh gosh, look at mummy she is CRYING, embarrassing or what" and I hastily told them to get a wiggle on as I had something in my eye that needed urgent attention in the loos.

*cough, ahem, cough*

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

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