Friday, 26 October 2012

Weight Watchers #wwbck2best Week 4

So today is my 4th weigh in and after a shocking loss last week  in which I was fully expecting to put weight ON, it seems that a comment from Michelle is standing true.  She said that despite having a truly shocking week, I may find that the weight will go on the following week.

Well guess what?  She was right!!

Sadly, and despite tracking/drinking water and being generally "good", I have put 2lbs on!!  So in my quest to lose 24lbs before Christmas Eve, this means that I have gone from a 9lbs loss to just 7lbs.  

I'm not going to dwell, I know that in the battle to lose weight you have good and back weeks, and I am certainly NOT going to give up.  This week is going to be tricky, it is Pixie's 4th birthday, half term and we have lots of entertaining planned.  However, I am determined that I am going to lose again this week.

HOw did you get on?

Please link up below so we can all go and support each other!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. I lost 2lb despite having a weekend off for my sons birthday and eating a LOT of cake! Maybe that means I will gain next week tho.... X

  2. well done you!!!! Be uber good this week xxx


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