Wednesday, 17 October 2012

School Run Make up in less than 5 minutes

I am a make up addict.  Superficial maybe but a massive confidence booster when I am feeling less than 100%.  Too many late nights and undisturbed sleep means I have bags under the bags and a tired looking complexion.

I see so many school mums who have stopped caring about what they look like.  Have a look around tomorrow, you'll see mums with no make up, looking tired, haggered and fed up.  They have stopped caring as they quite rightly put their families first.

However, it doesn't have to be this way, just because we are looking after everyone else, it doesn't mean we have to stop looking after ourselves.  I strongly believe that if you look after yourself, it makes you the best possible mum you can be as you are presenting yourself to the World at your very best.

Another reason mums say they have stopped wearing make up is down to time.  Again, I disagree, in just 5 minutes you can look polished and presentable, even if you have been up all night!

I've put together my first ever vlog/video tutorial using Benefit products.  If you haven't discovered benefit yet, I implore you to go and have a chat with the lovely, friendly girls at your nearest Benefit counter.  Back in 2010, Benefit featured in my top 5 beauty products and I am pleased to see I am still using the same things!  That's endorsement for you coming from me I promise!

Not only are the products lovely to use, if you buy a kit (like I am demonstrating) they come with easy to use instructions for getting the perfect finish!

If you want me to demonstrate how to do something - maybe smoky eyes, or how to get the perfect pout, please do let me know!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

Disclaimer: I am a total make up junkie as regular readers know.  So, when Benefit offered to send me a kit in order for me to demonstrate how to perfect school run make up, I was thrilled.  All opinions and wrinkles are mine and mine alone (but if anyone wants me to demonstrate botox, say the word!)


  1. mummyslittlemonkey17 October 2012 19:24

    I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE Benefit make up; especially that miracle worker High Beam! xx

  2. That's a great reminder of how important make up is in a girls routine. I am part of the mums who don't bother anymore and I need to change this! :)

  3. Super Amazing Mum17 October 2012 19:56

    yes I am also hooked on benefit!! I LOVE how you can get kits and go for lots of different looks.....what is your favourite product???

  4. I completely agree. Benefit make-up is amazing and I absolutely love their packaging. It's so beautiful x

  5. I don't have any Benefit :0( I feel deprived now. it looks SOOOOO much better than my usual paper bag. Great vid lovely x

  6. Super Amazing Mum17 October 2012 20:53

    thank you - the fact you can go from hag to hot (ha!) in less than 5 minutes is always appealing. What is your favourite product??

  7. I'm also in the High Beam fan club, but I also love their Big Beautiful eye kit and their blushers x

  8. Super Amazing Mum17 October 2012 21:31

    thanks for commenting!! Benefit is perfect for us busy mums...even if you don't do full slap like me, you can look half way decent in just a couple of minutes!

  9. Mummy Whisperer18 October 2012 17:46

    I do love benefit - mainly because the boxes are beautiful and they seem really clever in there!
    But I stick to Body Shop because I have to avoid parabens as much as possible for my rosacea.
    One thing I've always done is put on makeup, even if it's just a tinted moisturiser; hope you persuade lots of mums to add a dash of lipgloss/mascara to their lives ;o)

  10. Wow where do I get one??? You look amazing ! I love the cheek thing and the lip gloss, MUST HAVE!!! X

  11. Super Amazing Mum19 October 2012 12:53

    so do I!!! Thanks for commenting, I am on a mission to sort out mums!!!

  12. Super Amazing Mum19 October 2012 12:55

    ah bless you for saying, I'll drop you a tenner next time I see you ;-) The benetint and high beam are both amazing products, a little goes a long way and so they last for such a long time!

  13. Molly - Mums and Me21 October 2012 21:25

    FABULOUS tips - and wise words. I'm a massive Benefit fan. I especially love their mascara and it'll always hold a place in my heart as I wore it on my wedding day! Thank you for linking up to Me Time Monday, it's great to be inspired by all the different ways mums are finding "me time" each week. x

  14. I watched the video last week and decided to treat myself to a box of Benefit as a result, I tested it this morning using your tips and have to say I'm so impressed! I have terrible acne and dark circles but it covered them nicely! So impressed! Thank you. I'd love to see more benefit makeup tutorials!

  15. ooooooh that is SO good to hear!!!!! What did you go for?????? I'll definitely be doing more tutorials....a smokey eye one is next up!

  16. Benefit are great for time poor mums!! As you can see, I went from Hag to made up in less than 5 mins (although I talked for longer than that!!!)

  17. I have the Benefit She's So JetSet box and it's amazing...I can do my make-up for the school run in about 2 minutes with it. That pore cream works wonders xx

  18. Love the vid, funnily enough my friend recommended the same mascara to me at the weekend. Will have to go take a look. I use Clinique foundation at the mo but always on the look out for other good products :)


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