Monday, 29 October 2012

Pixie's 4th Birthday Party

My beautiful baby girl is turning 4 tomorrow - eek!  Although my three will always be my babies, I have to face up to the fact that I have a pre-teen, a stroppy 6 year old and very self assured, soon to be 4 year old!

I realised in the summer that I wasn't having any more children as I waved goodbye to the boat of fertility and I totally appreciate that whilst they drive me NUTS the majority of the time, that time indeed does go so quickly and before I know it, they'll be off on a gap year or flying the nest.

Pixie's actually birthday is the 30th and as this always falls in half term, we decided to hold her party on the Sunday beforehand.  When I asked her what sort of party she wanted, she quick as a flash replied "a Halloween party mummy".  I fear that this is going to be something that we repeat again and again.

What makes me laugh so much is how our household has embraced Halloween, growing up, my parents were dead (ha!) set against it and we were never allowed to "trick or treat".  In fact, I used to think it was called "trickle treat" and would watch enviously as the neighbours went out garnering hoardes of sweeties.  Since having the Pixie though, we have totally gone all out - I am talking pumpkin patches in the garden, spiders and bats in the house and more lights than selfridges Christmas windows but it doesn't take much for me to embrace a celebration - my kids are the same!!!

Back to the party.......................

The boys were playing/coaching in a rugby festival in Chiswick so it was down to me to sort the hall out.  I'd gone to poundland earlier in the week after reading good things that other bloggers were saying, and whilst the food deals were AWESOME, the halloween goodies were rubbish.  The majority didn't work (those that needed or had batteries) and I wasted a lot of money there.  Don't bother is my advice!

Halloween cakes all made my HAW

We had hired the local scout hall and it was a freezing cold shell when we arrived, I set to work transforming and hung cobwebs in corners (along with real ones!) sticking wall murals up, and taking a fair bit of time on the party table.  I used cobweb table clothes, and then scattered a vast array of bugs and other creepy crawlies on the table.  We had "witches brew" juice and a cauldron of popcorn.   I had  light up spiders and fake candle lanterns, it looked ace!

We played lots of traditional party games, and SOMEONE had the right hump as she didn't win "pass the parcel".  Can you guess who?
Guess who didn't win pass the parcel

We invited 20 children and everyone dressed up, my party girl was a "Vampire Bat princess" and she really had such a lovely time with all her friends.  We had a spooky dance off, and ended with a game of musical chairs.  All your traditional party games with a Halloween twist.  This is the first party where we haven't had an entertainer and whilst it was hard work, it was incredibly good fun.

It was a lovely birthday party and I hope she remembers it in years to come!

Halloween birthday Cake!

Bat with Lolly
Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. Wow what a wonderful party-Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter x


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