Sunday, 26 August 2012

Claridges - Gordon Ramsay and us

HAW (him at work) has recently celebrated a milestone birthday!  Yes, my handsome, pain in the butt toady, has reached the grand old age of 40 and as the killjoy didn't want a party (bah humbug, just you wait until I reach the big 4-0!) I wanted to do something special to mark the occasion.   

For his 30th, I booked our favourite pub in Kensington and invited all our friends for a big old party, we then ended up at Embargos on the Kings Road dancing the night away in a private booth, it was a GREAT night.  However, ten years on and three kids later, I needed to do something a bit more memorable.

He is a huge foodie, who loves nothing more than finding good, local produce and cooking up a feast and although he entertains clients at the best restaurants in London, I knew he hadn't been and wanted to go to Gordon Ramsey's at Claridges for a LONG time.  

However, we had been to GR's signature restuarnt on Hospital Road twice and although the food was exquisite, the atmosphere was dire.  (It only has around 5 tables, mainly filled with businessmen and you could hear a pin drop it was that quiet) and so I was a dubious about booking Claridges in case we were faced with the same situation (amazing food, crap atmosphere) so with trepidation and time running out, I bit the bullet.

I wanted it to be a surprise, and after dropping off the kids at my parents, I whisked him off to his favourite shop to buy him a new suit, shirt, tie and shoes.  He was then given the following clues:

1) Botox
2) America
3) Kate Moss - Decadence
4) Art Deco
5) Glamourous

He was FREAKING out, saying it sounded awful and that if we were going to some dodgy eurotrash nightclub with "treasure chests" he wouldn't be impressed (oh, how a decade can change a man!).

Despite living in Surrey, we are lucky to have a flat in London, right by Borough Market and so we headed there for some cocktails and to get ready before a cab arrived to whisk us to our destination in Mayfair.  He still didn't know where we going, and it was only as we pulled up and the doorman opened the cab door, that the penny dropped.

We were going to go for the tasting menu at £80 for five courses, but as HAW doesn't eat fish, we decided that a la carte would be the better option.  The food was exquisite - we had watermelon and goats cheese canapes and then I had white asparagus with scallops and a champagne veloute to start (HAW had a fois gras terrine) followed by roast duck on a bed of white beetroot with cherry infused fois gras and asparagus for my mai (HAW had sweetbreads) my pudding was pistachio parfait with mini chocolate donuts (HAW had chocolate mousse).  We washed this down with hendricks and two bottles of sancerre.  It was expensive (£350 ish) but worth every single penny as we had a lovely, memorable evening.  As for the atmosphere, it was brilliant, lots of laughing, chatter and banter with the someeliers and maitre'd and the night was topped with a tour of the kitchens.

Everything was perfect - the food was exquisite, the atmosphere amazing and of course, Claridges is very special.  If you are looking for a once in a lifetime treat, then I can't recommend this enough.

As Mr R himself would say......DONE!

Peace and Love 

S.A.M xoxo


  1. As a foody, I love Gordon Ramsey and the ways he cooks. Have you read his books? Amazing how he's got to where he is today........ Sounds like you had a fabulous meal.

  2. it was fab - a real once in a lifetime treat!

  3. What a fab birthday treat! Looks scrumptious


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