Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Making Waves for Alex - A plea

Regular readers will know that my friend Tamsyn who blogs at manic mum is going through some tough times at the moment.  Yet, she faces every battle head on, with grace and dignity as her husband slowly but surely makes progress.   We are trying to get this message viral, if you can, please re-post on your blog, share on your social media networks and of course, donate!   Every penny will go to making waves for Alex which has been set up to help in his rehabilitation which will take years.

What the video doesn't show you is Alex as the husband and father.  He has an amazing wife in Tamsyn and four gorgeous children that are missing their Daddy very much.

Every penny helps.

Thank you so much for sharing the love/donating/spreading the message.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. gosh, that's had me welling up - I've made a donation - sorry it's not much though - any other help you might need then shout. I cannot imagine how much the family are going through. x

  2. Horrendous and amazing and horrifying and heartbreaking. I will do my best to share the video/story - thanks for introducing me to Tamsyn and her blog.

  3. Thanks Sharon - every little penny helps....love ya xx

  4. thanks so much Helen for taking the time to comment. Please RT xx

  5. Well, that's me with tears rolling down my cheeks anyway. So incredibly sad. Life is not fair. I will do what I can to share this and to help out. I don't know Tamsyn and her family, but please do send them my love, wishing them the strength to cope with each new challenge. x Kay


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