Tuesday, 24 July 2012

En Vacance

I have escaped. The boys are in the pirates kids club and HAW has taken the Pixie swimming and I wanted to capture our first few days away. After a disastrous start (suspension went on our X5 as we were leaving and had to borrow mothers car)We set of for our first ever trip to France in the car. Firstly, I cannot recommend going by car highly enough, it was so stress free as everything stayed in the car which we just drove on to the Brittany Ferry for the 6 hour crossing to Caen. I thought we would be bored but the time flew by as there was so much to do on board, soft play, treasure hunt and as for the food, it was really nice and inexpensive. My rack of lamb was cooked to perfection. Having our own cabin was bliss and really worth the upgrade, to have your own personal space was great, we even managed a cheeky nap!! The drive to our Siblu resort, les pierres couchees took around 4 hours and arriving in the early hours, we crashed. We awoke to glorious blue skies and began to explore. Our mobile home is spotless. It is big with 3 bedrooms and an ensuite and very well equipped. The only negative is the outside space, which is lacking. Equally, there is no BBQ which is crazy seeing as most people on this sort of holiday cook at home each night. We have been grilling our lobster and skewers which is a shame but still doable. The pool is amazing. AS anyone with young children will tell you, going on holiday and trying to watch all the children in the pool at once is tricky, but with lifeguards on duty all day plus the fact the deep end is not too deep I am resting easier than any other holiday so far. The kids are having a ball and have made friends already. I'll be the first to admit that I am a holiday snob, I detest the whole "organised happy clappy" around the pool holiday malarky and so wondered if this would get on my nerves. it happens just once a day and the fact that most people are French it seems less annoying. I can't figure out how to upload pics using my iPad but I'll update this blog post on my return. We are here for another 5 days and then heading to Ile de Re for a week. When I asked the kids just now, what was the beat bot they said "all of it" so praise can't come higher than that!!! Peace and love S.A.M xoxo


  1. Its sounds like heaven. Enjoy every moment x

  2. Such a shame - we had a BBQ, I'm surprised you didn't?
    We didn't have much space either outside our van, but that was unusual for Domaine De Litteau.
    I've just written up my ferry trip - bit of a bleugh journey home :o( and one of our outings. The review of DDL will be up tomorrow hopefully!


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