Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Great Garden Moments

Nothing beats the scent of home grown flowers!
Our garden is an extension of our house.  We have a stable door in the kitchen that overlooks the garden and from March onwards, the top half of the door is pretty much open letting in the sounds and sights of the garden beyond.  In fact, I blogged last week how the garden comes alive in the warmer months, as the neighbourhood comes out of winter hibernation and a gaggle of children descend into our little piece of heaven.

The hum of the lawnmower and the unique smell of BBQ fills the air as we entertain and relax and make the most of the humble space we do have.   As children descend to set up cricket wickets and build camps, I turn my eye to the borders that we have as well as some of the more established bushes and trees.  I prune, I weed, I clip, and plan and plot, but ultimately I take the time to sit back and enjoy as mother nature does her magic.

We have a very "Wild English Country Garden" feel to our little plot, I couldn't even tell you the name of some of the flowers or plants as I go to the local, family run, garden centre and pick up what I like the look of or more to the point, the smell of!  We have an eclectic mix that isn't beautifully manicured but more left to grow.  

My favourite part of the garden is my "Pimms Patch" where wild mint and strawberries grow in abundance in the summer months, all planted a few years back with just two strawberry plants and the same of mint.  I don't do anything but weed the patch, yet each year we are spolit for fruit and mint when the Pimms is calling!  Equally, I make refreshing home made rose lemonade with the fresh mint and this year, am planning on making my own rosewater.  No lemons as yet, but one can hope!

As a working mum with my own business, I am very fortunate that I can work from home whilst the children are at school, and sitting in the garden, with my laptop and a glass of chilled white wine, listening to the bees hum and birds sing is the perfect backdrop to a productive working day.

In fact, for the jubilee, it was the backdrop for a jubilee inspired photoshoot starring my youngest and her best friend

Of course, before you imagine I have the life of riley, that peace is shattered once the kids come home and the garden is once again, turned into the battleground for princesses vs soldiers or the water pistols and paddling pool comes out for a neighbourhood water fight.

For us, the garden is not just a Summers delight, we enjoy it all year around and it is just as much fun in the winter time - our rasta snowman seems to agree:

I adore our little piece of paradise, so many happy family memories have been created in the garden from building "rasta snowman" to getting stuck on the shed roof to laying back on a hot summers day and cloud watching.  It is an integral part of our family home and I look forward to many more summers in the garden celebrating and enjoying life with family and friends.

This is my entry into the Great Garden Moments Competition as I would dearly love to win some new garden furniture to complete our perfect idyll and create a truly magical family space. 

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

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  1. what a lovely garden it sounds much like our old house, we too had a stable door and spent much of our tme outside always with a few extra children somewhere, flowers growing wherever they could and a real natural feel to things :) Love your photos xx


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