Friday, 29 June 2012

Britmums Live - The Highlights

A couple of times a year, the blogging community escapes en masse to London for a few days to eat, drink, be merry and learn some new tricks with regard to blogging.  I'm still struggling with the whole SEO/technical side of things/pinterest/google + etc etc but if I am being honest, I don't go for the workshops but for the socialising!  

Last weekend was the inaugural Britmums Live experience and so, with my case packed for a 2 night break in London, I set off.   I'm not going to report on the actual workshops, there are plenty that have, but I am going to report on who did what, who wore what and everything else in between!!!

After staggering out of the station, I was accosted by @northernmum and @helloitsgemma who were in the pub (no surprises there) and I also had the pleasure of meeting tattie weasle who is an absolute sweetheart and a fabulous writer (just check out her blog, so eloquent).

After a cheeky vino, we headed to the Brewery where I was enveloped in a huge bear hug by my roomie for the weekend mummy barrow followed not long after by a massive squeeze from honest mum who is quite clearly from another planet - this woman ROCKS being pregnant!

We had a mooch around and then the cocktail reception beckoned.  I was delighted to finally meet Victoria who blogs at its a small world after all as I've tweeted with her for a long time, and despite us having a chat about living in London and the state of senior schools (it's a London ice breaker!) I got to grill her on the logistics of taking the kids out of school and travelling around the world as it is something that I am yearning to do.

The awards themselves were great - hosted by Katy Hill who is just as hilarious as she is gorgeous (beetch slaps).  I was delighted to see some of my favourite bloggers win awards and especially proud of     Claire from ministry of mum who is such a lovely, funny lady!

I then headed into the night for a blogging dinner in the heart of Shoreditch for 30.   I had an absolute scream with @mammasaurus, @booandme, @sohoprgirl who were on my table and I won't even begin to tell you some of the drunken antics and chats we had.   The table wasn't very well placed for socialising so I sadly didn't get a chance to meet everyone but did manage a very quick drink with @melkshammum @hpmqueen @motherventing and finally (!) got to meet @theboyandme.  The food was ace and the goody bags even better!!!  (Yes, you read that correctly, @mummybarrow and I organised goody bags for the dinner, all co-ordinated by @sohoprgirl who arrived in a cab laden with goodies!)

Huge thanks to our sponsors canvas holidays , organic burstvosene , dove for providing such lovely goodies in our bags on Friday night.

Saturday dawned and I had a fashion crisis - I had no WHITE knickers to wear under my white linen trousers...luckily for me, Tanya had bought 9 pairs of NEW knickers for the weekend (seriously?!) and so gave me a pair to wear.   We then spent the day running around, networking, eating, drinking and being merry.   Highlights for me include getting my handwriting analysed on the cuticura stand and having a long and funny chat with Ruby Wax.

I've got one critique which I hope is taken in the right way!
1) Nowhere to chill out.  If I was organising something of this scale, I would have a dedicated chill out room.  Coffee, tea, cakes NO SPONSORS and lots and lots of squishy sofas and beanbags.  Maybe with an area for massage/make overs/sleeping.  The TK Maxx lounge was the only place that had sofas/chairs (as part of their sponsorship) but it was so annoying that you would retire there for a cuppa and a catch up only to be shouted over as the girls tried to showcase the A/W collection.  I felt really sorry for them as they were talking to a room that wasn't interested.   Same goes for the lunchtime demonstrations - these poor sponsors were talking to a room of people who didn't want to know as they wanted to catch up with friends or just chill out and catch their breath.  I really hope this changes next year.

It was a great weekend that I thoroughly enjoyed and I'm looking forward to next year.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. Loved, loved, loved meeting you gorgeous! What a fab weekend! Next time I'll hopefully get more time for cake, catch up & cuddles (& booze of course) X

  2. Who doesn't turn up nine pairs of new knickers?!!!! I loved having you as my roomie. I had a blast. YOU ROCK.

    Would have same constructive criticism too. Somewhere just to get away from all the hustle and bustle. It was a bit overwhelming if I am honest.

    Hope we can get a sponsor as fabulous as Canvas Holidays next year so we can do it all again.


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