Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Taking Risks

It was a glorious day yesterday.  We came home from school, and before long, I had a menagerie of neighbourhood children in the garden.  It was a technicolour explosion with all the different coloured school uniforms and I sat in the dining room working whilst listening to children from the age of 3-11 play at building dens and "potion" making.  I smiled to myself as it reminded me of my childhood.  Carefree and happy, with squeals of delight.  

A squabble soon broke out, but rather than rush outside to settle it for the children, I let them deal with it themselves, and in no time at all, peace was restored.

The peace was soon broken by BoBo screaming at the top of his voice

"Mum, MUM come quickly it is an emergency" so I raced outside to see what the problem was.

This is what I was faced with:

Whilst building a camp, my darling boy had decided to climb on the roof of the shed for a lookout.  This was the "emergency" as he was now stuck.  He said he couldn't get down and wanted me to carry him off the roof.

I assessed the situation, he wasn't in any danger and so I said that as he had got himself up there, he needed to work out how to get down and that I wasn't going to help him (although I stood close by and quietly observed).  This is what happened:

Calling for help and guiding down = team work

When I told HAW this he was gobsmacked.  He wanted to know why I hadn't helped him and that I was being out of order.  My reasoning for this was that Beansey had obviously assessed the risk factor in climbing up there and so needed to figure out the situation and risk factor in getting down.  

He did it, he got down safely but more importantly, he assessed the situation and came up with a solution.  He was so proud of himself for doing so and I really do believe he learnt a lesson yesterday.

So, do you agree with me?  Should our kids learn to take risks or you with HAW and think I was out of order.

Would LOVE to know what you think!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. You're spot on. They need to work it out. I frequently turn a blind eye when they're looking for help to see what they do and they usually do get it right and aren't hurt.

    You did the right thing.

  2. I think I would have done what you did! Love the way you took photos hee hee, the things we do for our blogs! x

  3. I am just like you, we had to get rid of the playhouse when they started jumping of the top of it and trying to get to the wirtlygig from it. I have caught mini using the top of a six foot fence as a tight rope too! Arggggggggggggggg

  4. Ha Ha - I did think afterwards, imagine if he had broken his leg and I was too busy taking photos to catch him!!!! Thanks for commenting xx

  5. I knew you'd agree with me!!

    Love xx

  6. Hee hee, luckily all was ok and he got down safely just as you suspected he would :-) x

  7. I'd definitely have done the same as you. Kids these days are too quick to shout for Mum as their first stop for a solution.

  8. I think you totally did the right thing. Well done you. We will not always be there to guide so the best lessons are the ones they can (safely) teach themselves through working out how to help themselves. What a good Mamma you are!

  9. Crystal Jigsaw21 June 2012 at 20:49

    I am so with you. Bloody sick of this stupid and ridiculous nanny state where we aren't allowed to let kids be kids. It's pathetic! Kids haven't got problem solving skills anymore, they're too busy pissing about on play stations and Wii this and thats. A bit of rain and they're scared to go outside in case, heaven forbid, they get wet. Good on you I say!

    CJ x

  10. Thank you CJ for commenting!! I think what drives me even more insane are the kids who are overindulged spoilt brats, the parents will do everything for the child, and the child rules the roost. Parents should be parents and NOT friends to their kids and discipline and respect are paramount.


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