Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Royal Premiere of Disney's African Cats

Wednesday saw the UK premiere of Disney Nature's "African Cats" in the presence of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the BFI Southbank.   We were lucky enough to be guests of Disney and put on our glad rags to walk the red carpet with the best of them.  It amused me greatly to hear the paps call "over here" and raise their cameras, only to be disappointing when they realised that we weren't celebs!!  I managed to pap the kids though (shameful mother!) and marched us all bold as brass into the VIP area and we ended up standing next to the ex husband of the Queen of pop whilst quaffing champagne.  Lovely.

That's the gossip, now onto the film.  

Set in the Masai Mara and using real footage throughout, we follow the plight of Sita the cheetah who is a single mother to five cubs and two prides of lions - Fang who leads the river pride of lionesses and Kali and his four sons who live north of the river and want to take over Fang's tribe.

This is a true story adventure story that is narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart and directed by Keith Scholey and Alistair Fothergill who directed the awesome "Earth" series.  This is an amazing insight to real true life on the Savannah and the camera angles/shot and sound effects are magical seen on the big screen rather than the TV.  It is an amazing but heart moving film, you are really captivated by the characters and their battles to survive.  

Both the boys loved it and we felt incredibly privileged to have watched this in Royal company.   Prince William gave a speech at the end where he compared it to "more emotional up and downs than Eastenders" but his passion for highlighting the plight of lions and cheetahs was evident.  You can find out more by looking here at the tusk charity  and the trailer for the film is below.

We all loved the film, giving it a massive 10/10 all round.  The only thing the boys want to know though is  "What happened to Fang, was he ever seen again?"

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

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  1. Wow that will be an experience the boys will never forget and what a wonderful film. Love the pics on the red carpet!


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