Thursday, 10 May 2012

Our inaugural Rugby Tour

The weekend before last, was wet, windy and cold.  Ideal weather some might say for your first ever rugby tour.

I manage the Under 8's at the local club and HAW is one of the coaches.  We decided that an integral part of being a rugby player is going on tour.  So, with this in mind, fifteen families headed to Butlins at Bognor Regis for our inaugural rugby tour!

lads rugby tourI set off with my boys around lunchtime and for the next two hours we were on a road trip!  Spirits were high, the music was higher and we had a really lovely drive down.  We arrived and found our room, happy to see that we were all in the same block.  After unpacking, we headed to the main area to meet the rest of the party.  The boys got their "tour shirts" and we then spent a happy few hours doing what people do on rugby tours the world over - BONDING!!!  The mums over wine, the dads over beers and the kids over penny slot machines and haribo, not to mention tickets.  

Tickets can be won and then exchanged for prizes - well the kids got totally hooked on winning those and they were the bane of us parents!

rugby tour shirts

football at butlins
After a rather late night that included a lock in and lego building challenge, we all had a lazy Saturday morning with our families before reconvening for an afternoon of activities.  We had hired out the "highwire" area and whilst us parents watched with hearts in our mouths, our little darlings climbed, jumped and shimmied across all manner of high wire.  We then went for a group dinner before heading of for some live entertainment.  I think the less said about the better, but midget wrestling was on the agenda.  The kids obviously loved the whole pantomime of the show but I have to say, my eyes bled!

Sunday dawned wet and windy and with happy hearts we headed off to Bognor Rugby club where everyone got wet and muddy.  We finished off with one last swim in the tropical area before heading home. 

We were all tired but happy and have made a lifetime of memories and friends.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo 


  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend for parents and children alike! Anything that involves wine and penny slot machines has got to be a winner.

  2. Looks so much fun-take me next time? Purlllease! x

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