Monday, 28 May 2012

Go to SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!

They say that pride comes before a fall, and I have certainly fallen from a great height.

Sine becoming a mum nearly 9 years ago (yes, I know I don't look old enough *ahem*) I have taken great pleasure in the fact that my kids have been so easy at bedtime.  I have always been a stickler for routine, it suits the children and it suits me and we have been oh so smug about the fact the children were such good sleepers.

Now don't get my wrong, they still are brilliant sleepers, it is the getting them to sleep that is the problem.

This was our routine four months ago:

5pm - Supper
530pm - play/tidy up
6ish up to bath
630pm stories and bedtime for the little ones (5 and 3) whilst Beansy had his bath
7pm - lights out for BoBo and Pixie and stories and cuddles for Beansy
730pm  - lights out for Beansey

All sparko until 7am the next day.  Sometimes, it was even lights out at 630pm and 7pm depending on how tired they were.

Unfortunately, it has all gone tits up.  I am not quite sure why or how if the truth be told, but our routine is now something like this:

5pm - supper
530pm - play/tidy up
6ish up to bath
630pm stories and cuddles for the little ones whilst shouting at Beansey to stop splashing the bathwater everywhere
641pm - chaos - Pixie out of bed and hiding somewhere from me
642pm - BoBo shouting out for a drink/wee/apple/story/school bag
643pm - Beansey messes up his room
644pm - look at watch and wonder is it gin o'clock yet
645pm boys both wandered downstairs
646pm I am shouting "get back upstairs NOW"
647pm - realise I can't find Pixie.  Find her hiding under my bed.  She refuses to go into her room as it is not pink (beautifully done in red shabby chic
648pm - Shut her in her room - scream "MUMMY MUMMY MUMMY"
649pm - stop boys from fighting over lego/pokemon/starwars/book
650pm - SCREAM at the all "GET INTO BED NOW"
652PM - "Mum, mum, I need a poo"


I am seriously at the end of my tether and I don't know how to get it back to how we were.

Would love to know how you all do bedtime.  I need some new strategies!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. Crystal Jigsaw28 May 2012 at 20:56

    Here's my two pennies worth; maybe you won't get it back to how it was because they're all growing up. Perhaps you need to let them have an extra 15 minutes. They won't stick to the same routine for ever and eventually you'll have to change bedtime rituals to make leeway for them being more stimulated. Their minds hold more information therefore they're going to be more active. I remember when Amy used to go to bed at 7pm every night, then one night it turned to 7.30, then 8pm. Im sure you'll crack it!

    CJ x

  2. Yes I do suspect it is this. BUT the 3 year old needs to be asleep by 7pm latest. She is the main problem and keeps the boys awake. They all end up overtired and I end up shouting. It is a horrible end to the day. I hope I crack it soon, it is not a good place to be at the moment.

    Thanks for commenting CJ xx

  3. You are still doing well I think. My children do EXACTLY the same thing at the mo; 4 and a half, 3 and 11 months.

    The eldest two used to be in bed by 7/7.30. Now with summer it's 9/9.30.

    I need to invest in some blackout curtains and FAST!!

    Hope you crack your blip soon. Know how frustrating it can be.

  4. I feel for you. When my eldest was about 7 & my 2 year old needed to sleep, the eldest had a bath first at 7 and was then sent downstairs in pj's and he could stay up late as a "treat" for being a good boy & having a bath. We kept him out of the way until the youngest was spark out then put him to bed.

    I've found the only way is to split them up and make them earn a treat by doing exactly as they're told.

    Hope it sorted for you soon. I live routine too!

  5. I am a stickler for bedtime too but I do find as it heads towards the summer months mine always became a bit more unsettled and harder to get down to bed. Lights out is at 8 for our 3 little ones (2,4,6) and 8.30 for the older 2 (8&10) But the 2 and 4 year old nap during the day. Its so hard when they go through that phase, but it does pass and you have to stick at being the tough mummy, I think if they sense a chink in the armour at all they will try it on.

  6. It happens every year at the time when the sun refuses to go to bed too. They just can't seem to adjust to sleeping when it's still light for a while. My youngest even tries to tell me he's scared of the dark. "But it's bloody light!"

  7. We do a reward chart which includes a going to sleep sticker and a sleeping all night sticker. I go in twice and say they won't get their going to sleep sticker and they usually stop shouting and sleep. Doesn't always work though x

  8. Relax kids downloads. Mini was the same and they really help him switch off. We have no screen time for an hour before bed and also we have to be really firm. We have a chart for going to bed like a good boy and if she gets so many stickers over the month then he gets a present. Also we have had to move bedtime back to 7.30pm as 7.00 was too early


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