Wednesday, 30 May 2012

District Sports

Every summer in junior school we would have class races in the bid to be picked to have the honour of running for the school in the yearly district sports.  It was a great day, you'd go into school bursting with excitement, waiting, just waiting for the call for you to have "early lunch" with the rest of the squad.  I seem to remember having butterflies for most of the day, but the overriding feeling was one of excitement.

Once you arrived at the sports track, you were allocated seating and the races began.  The heats whereby the three quickest made the final.  Then the final itself.  I was always ok on the solo 100m and 200m, but what really got my nerves going were the relay races.  Imagine if you were the one to drop the baton?

Beansy came home from school a few weeks ago and proudly announced that he was in the district sports team.  My heart swelled with pride and I was really looking forward to today.  Would it be the same?

It was EXACTLY the same.  30 years on and nothing has changed.  The excitement, the build up, the joy of missing school for a few hours.  The camaraderie between the team, the playing in between races, the pride as your school runner won - it was a joy to behold and relive my memories as well as creating fresh ones.

Here is my little superstar in action - they came 2nd in the finals of the relay, he was so SO proud of himself and my heart swelled to bursting point!  Love you little man, you are amazing.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. Oh wow, that's such a proud mummy moment!


  2. Great memories, old and new! I still remember the butterflies in my tummy every time a race was about to start!
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  3. Oh I think I would like a nostalgic round up! Where can I find it please????


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