Sunday, 15 April 2012

Peppa Pig Portables - Review

For the past few years, my poor little Pixie has been on the sidelines of pretty much every football and rugby pitch in the South East and at times, she finds this very frustrating as she wants to be running around with the boys (don't worry sweetheart, you'll be with them in September!) and getting stuck in.

It has been very hard to entertain her at times, and this is when the ipad has come in very handy as she has been able to read Ladybird books and play games such as Peppa Pig's Party Time and Rockfords Rock Opera which has been a massive hit with all three children.

Golden Bear have obviously realised that there is sometimes a need for us to entertain the kids where perhaps they would get a little bit fed up, and we were sent the following Peppa Pig products to review:

Mini Sketchy Fun - £5.99
Mini Stick on Felts - £9.99
Mini Dough Set - £6.99

That very day, we were going on a train journey and so I took the Mini Sketchy Fun with me in my handbag as a surprise for on the journey.  She loved it and not only played with it on the train, but also in her buggy around the shops.  Now, I just keep it under my buggy for those times when she needs occupying such as going to the shops.

AS it was the Easter Holidays, we had ample opportunity to try out the Peppa Pig Stick on Felts and mini dough set both of which were a great success.  Even with BoBo who is soon to be six.  He really enjoyed the felt set and made up lots of stories to narrate the pictures he was making.

I feel that at £9.99 the felt set is pricey for what it is, but the play dough and sketchy fun are good value for the hours of entertainment (and distraction!) the provide.

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

Disclaimer: We were sent the products to review free of charge.


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  1. There's a competition over on at the moment where you can win a family ticket to Peppa Pig World. Thought you may be interested to know!


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