Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Look at my lashes!!

Oh, yes.  There is a god of all things beauty.

For years I have battled with my eyelashes, whilst they are a decent length, they are quite sparse and fair and so, for years I have resorted to "blinging" them up lashings of mascara.  I dabbled with false eyelashes, but after one to many, they'd always end up sticking to my cheek or dropping into a cocktail glass at the end of the night - not a good look.

Eventually, after a lot of trial and error I discovered that Lancome were the prefect partner to give me perfect lashes - no flaking, no smudging and long lasting but, Oh so time consuming.  I was spending about ten minutes a day applying, waiting to dry and then sticking on another coat in order to get the look I was after.  Long, dark and fluttery.   

I stuck with Lancome for years and then, on a whim whilst looking for a primer, I bought a benefit mascara that made it into my Top 5 beauty products.   However, I was still spending ten minutes a day applying, which is over an hour a week, four hours a month and more hours than I care to think a year.

"There has to be a better way" I thought to myself and began to do some research.

Three weeks ago, I came across Nouveau Lashes on twitter and booked myself an appointment for the following week.  After a 48 hour skin test to make sure I didn't react to the glue used, I popped along to see what all the fuss was about.

I spent a long time discussing the look I was after (long, not clumpy and natural looking) and the work began.   Here is a before photo, probably the first time in 20 years I have been seen in public with no mascara or concealer.  As an aside, what colour do you think my eyes are??? Always thought green but they look yellow......

Before having eye lash extensions

I then laid on a treatment bed and was wrapped up in a lovely, warm blanket, told to relax and just chill.  No wonder people often fall asleep during treatment. (I didn't as was too busy talking!).  Here is a photo during:

During eye lash extensions

Each lash is individually added to your own and the process takes around 90 minutes.  It was painless and relaxing.

Here is the end result immediately after treatment:

straight after  eye lash extensions
Obviously, I don't have any other make up on, but you can see that the result is fabulous.  They are long, luxurious and weightless.  Unlike strip lashes, I really can't feel them.  They are meant to last for up to 6 weeks and easily maintainable.

I wanted to live with the lashes for a wee while to see how they fared, before giving you my full verdict.  Here I am nearly four weeks in:

four weeks in...loving my lashes!

So, what do I think?

I absolutely adore my lashes!  They are weightless, long, dark and luxurious.  Best of all, they are totally, maintenance free.  I can swim, shower and wake up and go.  There is no standing in front of the mirror trying to apply mascara whilst getting the kids ready for school.  They are a revelation.  I look groomed and professional on waking up!

Four weeks in, (and this is where you are meant to have maintenance) I have only lost one eyelash.  

A few years ago we saw a massive increase in "nail bars" and I strongly believe that we are going to see a massive rise in "eye bars" where you will be able to go in for lash and eye brow maintenance.  You can even train to be a professional eye lash technician and if I didn't have my own business already, I would seriously consider this as it is something you can do in peoples homes or even the garden shed can be set up as a studio.

Depending on where you live, and where you go, they cost between £70-120 for a full set, which although on the pricey side is a one off cost.  Once you have them in, you then pay around £20-30 a month for maintenance.  

SO, what do you think?  Have you had eye lash extensions before, would you invest and if so, would it be for every day or a special occasion?

Peace and Love


Disclaimer: Nouveau beauty group provided me with my lashes free of charge for the purpose of this review.  This does not affect the quality or integrity of my editorial.


  1. Wowsers!! Forwarding straight to my sister!

  2. Superamazingmum11 April 2012 15:28

    Wowsers indeed...I feel like Bambi - LOVE and don't think I'll ever go back to mascara...

    Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Hey missus, have had 3 types now, £40 version, lasted about week. £60 version, lasted about a month, weightless and no prob and £80 version, lasted about 6 weeks but you have to be careful with water and certain make up removers (no oily). Depending on finances and event, i mix them up. Wish to god they were permanent though! Love them too much. Its alright for you, when you promote you reap the rewards.

  4. omg I love them!! I wish I could afford them, though.

    I have had a lash and brow tint a couple of times now but it didn't look very effective. These, however, look great.
    *on my wish list now*

  5. You're never an ex IPG!!!! Once in the elusive club, your a life long member ;-)

  6. They are fab Nickie!! You should have a look on gumtree as there are lots of nouveau technicians out there! The fact I don't have to bother with mascara is amazing!

  7. Boucheinthecity19 April 2012 21:02

    They look lovely! I wish I could have them done and manage to keep them. I have had them a couple of times and I managed to lose them so quickly. I lose my natural lashes very quickly so maybe that is the problem. I did have a different brand so maybe I should try these!

  8. You should definately look at nouveau lashes as they are using a new super strength glue that they have patened here in the UK....I'll see if I can get someone along to comment on the blog!!!

  9. Hi, if you are wanting extra longevity your technician can apply a couple of extra drops of Ultrabond ProX5 or ProX10 (depending on the treatment). Our glues are specifically designed to be a little stronger/tougher with temperature extremes and we're constantly developing our products.

  10. thank you so much for commenting!!! I can atest that the lashes don't move...have only lost a couple. So impressed

  11. Hi Nicki, although S.A.M has had a Nouveau Lashes treatment, we also offer an alternative Express Lash Extension treatment called Let's Go. Let's Go lashes still use an individual eyelash extensions however the technique is different and the look can be achieved in 20 minutes therefore making the treatment more affordable. A Let's Go treatment can cost £25 - £45 and lasts upto 2 weeks. Check out further information on our website and look for a salon near you on our salon finder

  12. Angelique Trudeau7 September 2012 21:46

    What a great improvement!...and they are still on after a month? - well done. Have you ever considered growing your own lashes with one of the eyelash growth serums available on the market? I'm a bit biased, but I have had a great experience with more fake lashes for me.


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