Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Everywhere I look I see them.  The schoolgirl, sneaking into the park next to her school for an illicit smoke with her best friend as they plan and plot the weekends escapades.  Then, a young, exuberant girl surrounded by a group of friends as they share a picnic and wine.  She is throwing her head back and roaring with laughter, no cares in the world as she relaxes in the sun and peeps at her latest beau from under her fringe.  He really is the most handsome boy she has ever seen and I can see from the light in her eyes that she is in the flushes of first "young love".

Then nothing.  For a long time, nothing.  No ghosts.

Then, in the distance, I see a couple holding hands and whispering, oblivious to those around them as they are wrapped up in the first throes of everlasting love.  They promise each other to always remember this very special place and moment in time.

By the formal gardens of the mansion house, I see a young family with a chubby toddler, grasping both his parents hands as they swing his along whilst he squeals in delight.  They move on to the cafe where the beautiful boy licks an ice cream, dropping it down his brown suede coat.

Later still, a father holding onto a bike whilst teaching his children to ride solo.  Not giving up until "mission accomplished" Grazed knees but happy smiles all around.  A milestone reached.

Finally, I see a woman - sitting on a bench with her family around her.  Scooters abandoned at her feet as the children run riot, laughing in the sun. Her husband climbing trees with the three beautiful children.  She loves this park, it is part of her past.  She smiles with contentment knowing that she too is about to become a ghost.

A memory ghost like all of the others for this woman/girl is me.

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Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


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