Monday, 23 April 2012

The day I sent the kids to Jail

I have three delightful, confident, well rounded children.  They are all popular within their peer group, able to converse with both adults and children alike and although some traits are identical, they are characteristically different which means I have to parent in different ways.  They consistently shine in school and get glowing reports.  Lots of reasons to be proud there.

However, tonight, for the Nth time, I have had to have "words" with the boys.  They are both the alpha male, want to watch what "they" want, turn everything into a competition of "I am better/quicker/cleverer" than you.  They are close in age and have the same interests, but they cannot play nicely for any length of time before it descends into arguing/physical fisticuffs.  

It wears me down and despite the usual tellings off, I knew that tonight I needed to take action.

So, in a flash of inspiration/desperation, I told them that "if this squabbling continues, you are both going to your rooms until morning".  Naturally, I was in the kitchen tidying away the supper things when I heard a SMASH! and lo and behold, my lamp was smashed where they had been playing rugby.

This was it...I now had to carry out my threat or face losing face.

I took them both upstairs accompanied by many tears, wails and shouts.  I calmly washed their faces, brushed their teeth and got their jammies on.  I put them both into bed with a big kiss and cuddle and said "I'll see you both in the morning, think about your behaviour please" and went downstairs to wails of "Mummy, you have put us into jail, I can't believe you have done this".

However, they are both reading quietly in their respective rooms and have both independently told me "I'm sorry mummy, I will listen to you in future".

I am feeling shitty but happy if that makes sense.  I am pleased they are taking notice that I will follow through with threats but also shitty because I do feel quite mean!

Am I being over-sensitive?  Do you "jail" your kids?

What would you have done in this situation?

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. Oh gosh yes. boundaries need to be set. its part of life ! Well done you !

  2. thank you for commenting claire!!!! I do feel better for doing so but I am a soppy mum most of the time!

  3. agree you did the best thing! don't feel too mean, my parents were fairly strict but not unfairly so and I don't hold anything against them. They'll have nothing but admiration for you in years to come! x

  4. You took the only course of action to benefit everyone in the house. I hope your are smugly drinking a glass of wine in silence and marveling at your superior parenting skills. Nice work!

  5. cheers! I'll be the visitor rocking in the corner at visiting time ;-)

  6. Hah! Wine was consumed............

  7. You did the right thing and followed through, that doesn't make you makes you a good Mum who is setting boundaries. Mine are a bit young to go to their rooms but we've had a naughty cushion from aged 1 which works for us at the moment x

  8. Yes I suppose it is the next stage on from the naughty step.....deffo worked a treat!

  9. I'll remember that for when mine are older :-)

  10. You've got to follow through when you threaten them, good for you!


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