Friday, 6 April 2012

The Crazy Gang

My beautiful friend Tamsyn who blogs at Manic Mums Blog came to stay for a few days this week.  She has recently relocated from France after her husband Alex suffered a life changing, brain injury whilst playing rugby.   It means I am getting to speak/see lots of her, but of course, the circumstances that bring her this close, I wish I could magic away with a wand.

Between us, we have seven kids.  This means, that when we do meet up it's crazy, hectic and often the kids in charge!  Our little posse gave themselves the name "the crazy gang" and it certainly is that!  

The "crazy gang" sans Pixie who refused to get in the photograph

Master Obi vs Darth Vader or something.......

AFTER they agreed to get married - its young love for Mitzi and BoBo

BoBo and Lola who lost her tooth overnight!
I think, at one point, each child took it in turns to cry/moan/whinge and Tams and I still marvel at the fact that we are in charge of these lovable brats!  We took a picnic to our favourite parks for the day which freaked Tamsyn out as she used to run cross country there as a child, talk about a trip down memory lane.  We had a lovely picnic, took it in turns to "lose" a child and then went for a lovely walk around the lake.  Another friend of mine joined us so we had 11 kids on the loose!  

The last time we had a sleepover, it took us until 10pm to get the kids into bed, so after reading them the riot act we were so pleased that they were ALL sparko by 820pm.   We even managed to remember that Lola needed a letter from the tooth fairy and a few golden coins under her pillow - high five us!

It was a lovely two days - hectic and exhausting, but lovely nonetheless.  I love watching the kids interact and run amok and know they will be friends for a long time.  They are already asking for another sleepover - pass the gin darlings!!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. Such lovely photos! I can see U had a lot of fun! Beautifully written!

  2. Thanks Adriana!! Was a fab few days xxxx


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