Thursday, 19 April 2012

Am I losing the plot?!

I have a confession to make.  It's very embarrassing, but one I definitely feel I need to talk about, as I truly believe that a LOT of you will be nodding in agreement with me.

You see, my little Pixie is starting nursery at the same school as the boys in September.  This feels my heart with glee as it means we get to walk to school every day again.  For the last year, we have spent a fortune in petrol as well increased our carbon footprint as it is an impossibility to get the boys to school and Pixie to her pre-school all before 9am.

However, with her starting school in the same place, means that I have to share my dirty little secret.  I am not proud to admit it, but I hope, in fact I am sure you will understand.

I want, no I *need* one of these.

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Oh yes, I really, *really* want a Granny Trolley.  You see, come September, I am going to be a cart horse.  Three book bags, three lunch boxes, PE Kit after gym club, my beautiful leather satchel plus whatever I need to pick up from the supermarket.  I am at the point, where I'll either have guns of steel or I'll end up collapsing under the sheer pressure of carrying all the paraphernalia.  Not to mention a 3, 6 and 7 year old who I still need to hang on to crossing the road.

If the truth be told, I am quite looking forward to having one - I reckon I am going to set the trend and that once one of us succumbs, the avalanche will surely follow.

Watch this space because come the Autumn we shall all be rocking the Granny Trolley in this part of Surrey.

Now where did I put the Tena ;-)

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. hee hee... you could start a new trend. Fashionable ones for yummy mummy's :-) x

  2. Ha ha. I can't see you with a trolley somehow Sophie! I am rather jealous of your satchel xx

  3. I have a wheelie bag from IKEA, i only use it for food shopping at the moment but you've given me a great idea :)

  4. yes YES that is what |I am planning to do!! There is as business opportunity in there somewhere...

  5. I <3 my satchel! Just need to get a granny trolley to match it now ;-)

  6. there you go - the trend has started already........................

    One convert.....

  7. I think you can get fairly fashionable ones these days, well maybe fashionable is the wrong word, but you know, not as bad as the old ladies ones. My sister is a crafter and had something on wheels that she put all her bits and pieces in. Time to start a trend I think ;)

  8. Thanks for commenting Angie, consider the trend started ;-)

  9. Wow, can't believe i never thought of that! I have 3 children and am a fellow 'cart horse'. I am a mean mummy and make them carry their own bags to school, if you start helping them you will never stop, trust me! Maybe your 3 year old needs help...for now!

  10. You get purchase 'designer' ones now. I have seen many cool mums pushing bild floral designed trolleys.


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