Monday, 5 March 2012

When do you need two cars?!

When do you need two cars?

I passed my driving test at 17 and my first car was a convertible that I saved and saved and saved for.  It was a gem, a gleaming GTI with a black hood and my goodness me, it rocked!!  I can remember driving down to the coast for a girls weekend in Bournemouth, with the music blaring and the wind in my hair, having to pull over to put the hood up as it was pouring down with rain!  Those were the carefree days.

I then moved on to company cars (well, this was the 90s in media sweetie/darling) and working in advertising saw me drive a convertible and Jeep.  You would quite literally be given a list of cars and take your pick.  Again, exciting times!

When I was pregnant with Beansy, we realised that a 2 seater sports car wasn’t exactly family friendly (baby on the sunroof?!) and so, we traded up the sports car for another Jeep that we fondly called the PUG mobile. 

However, with another baby on the way and an extremely bouncy dog, we made the move to an *whisper* estate car.  I was dead set against this, it fitted the cliché of 2.4 kids and a dog which I always try and avoid, but I have to say, the Audi was a great car.  We got 80k out of that before needing to upgrade.

We are now at the stage in our lives when I think we need another car.  The boys both play football and rugby at the weekend and this invariably involves away matches.  At present, one grown up goes in the car to the away match taking Pixie, whilst the other parent (usually me!) goes on the bike to BoBo’s training.

However, next year, this all changes as he will hopefully be picked for an academy team as well!  Not to mention the fact that I want Pixie to start Gymnastics.

So, what do we do? 

I want to give them all the opportunity to play sport – invariably it always falls on a Saturday/Sunday morning and so, with the boys playing away at two different venues and Pixie at gymnastics, I really feel that the time has come to invest in a little run-around car. 

As well as finding a deal on a car, I will also have to compare car insurance as we are already paying a hefty penalty for driving an X5. 

Have you found that you need another set of wheels??  If so, at what ages were your children when this happened?  Or, do you manage with one car and cut down on activities?

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

This is an sponsored post for Tesco compare - all words and experiences though are mine and mine alone!


  1. Hello from a new follower *waves*! We bought a second car in November last year when the children were nearly 1 and nearly 3. My husband needed the main car for work so I spent all my maternity leave walking or carting a toddler and baby on the bus. It caused a few rows with the hubby when we both needed the car at the same time so we bought a mega cheap-to-run car for him and I now have the main car! Great solution but it's made me a bit lazy! xx

  2. Hi Debra and thanks for following!!!! Do you blog? If so, leave me a link so I can go check you out!!!! Thanks for commenting xoxo

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