Monday, 5 March 2012

My week in 5 photos....Listography likey the listography over at Kate takes 5 this week.  Quite simply, you need to upload five photos that sum up your week..............

Yesterday, I spent 6 hours in a cold, wet and VERY muddy field watching Beansey and the rest of the team take part in a rugby festival.  They did amazingly well before the final was called off due to the weather conditions!  My baby played amazingly well - he didn't notice the cold or the mud!

We eat out as a family pretty much once a week - the kids are *usually* impeccably behaved in restaurants and we love to give them the opportunity to broaden their palate.  My kids eat olives, mussels, calves liver, curry, Chinese, sushi and have been to so many lovely restaurants and experienced many wonderful gastronomic experiences (including catching and cooking their own lobsters in France!).  Food is one of lifes pleasures to be enjoyed!

Dear readers, let me introduce you to Rapunzel....regular readers of my blog will know that Pixie is obsessed with fairies, princesses and of course, her beloved Wizard of Oz.  We have gone from watching *that* daily and the latest obsession is now tangled.  This is her, outside her tower, showing me how long her hair I say to her (and the boys!) all the time "moooother, knows best".

The lady on the left is my great grandmother on my mums side.  The wonder of facebook is that you can keep in touch with so many people who you might not speak to that often.  My second cousin has been posting family photographs and this was one I had never seen before.  Consequently, I have been thinking about family a lot this past week.

As a self confessed make up junkie, I've been looking at and updating my make up this week - watch this space for some exciting news coming up!

Love to see five photos from your week and remember kids, Moooother, knows best!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo


  1. make up therapy rocks!!!!! I love a bit of MAC...haven't tried clinique for years...what am I missing?!

  2. thanks! I think I annoyed them as kept saying "keep still"

  3. pizza does have it's place but only once in a blur moon!!

  4. Honoured that you joined in my lovely. Fabulous pics - that's not really your make up is it?? Love your bit about taking the kids to restaurants too - must consider doing this more instead of the nearest Pizza place!

  5. Lovely idea to sum up your week visually. Looks fun and love looking at old pictures. I too updated my make up and went a bit crazy at the Mac and Clinique counters this week. My new Spring make up collection is complete. Love a bit of make up therapy!

  6. great pictures, I really liked this weeks list too. Great first shot btw.


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