Friday, 17 February 2012

Star Wars, Episode 1 "The Phantom Menace" in 3D imax

My brother is 18 months younger than me.  We grew up close in age, playing with the same friends on the street and consequently, he was aware of the things I was into and vice versa.  He spent the best part of his childhood being obsessed with Star Wars (what boy of the 70s wasn't) and some would argue, like most boys of that era, he still is!!    I loved the films, the battle of good vs evil, the relationships and romance and I think that all kids today should watch the films, they really are very good.

In fact, one of the first films that H.A.W and I saw was Star Wars Episode 1 which confused the hell out of me, I couldn't work out who was who and what was what.  He on the other had loved it and was saying "oh look, so and so is really so and so".  

For those of you NOT aware, in the 70s the films released were Episodes 4, 5 and 6.  George Lucas then released episodes 1, 2 and 3.  So out of synch.  Purist fans will say that the first three episodes are poor compared to the last three and whilst I have to agree that I prefer the "Star Wars" of my generation, the kids actually really, really like the first three in the saga.  Confused?! 

Star Wars is a massive hit in our household.  The boys who are 8 and 5 are obsessed.  They love Star Wars lego, have light sabers and mini figures and they watch one of the film DVD's at least once a week.  

We always used to say it is such a shame they couldn't experience the whole saga on the big screen (same as Harry Potter, as they are just the right age for it now) as the battles are totally epic on the big screen rather than a 40 inch television.  We consoled ourselves with the fact that they, at least could share the magic and memories that we both have.

Rewind a few weeks ago, I was upstairs, putting washing away when I heard a shriek from downstairs "Mum, Mum, Star Wars is in 3D",  further investigation lead us to find out that Lucas Films have indeed remastered Episode 1, The Phantom menace into 3D.

As a half term treat, I took them to the imax yesterday,  it was the first time we have been there and it was an experience that none of us will forget.  The film is absolutely amazing in 3D.  You can quite literally, "feel the force" and it totally changes how the film is viewed.   The kids were mesmerised from the beginning (even 3 year old Pixie) and are really hoping that the rest of the films are converted to 3D.

Here's the official trailer:

Despite the fact my kids have seen the film numerous times, to see it on the big screen and in 3D added a whole new dimension.  We were all totally captivated and I am so glad that they are getting to experience one of the greatest film sagas of all time on the big screen.

Peace and Love


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  1. I proudly hang onto the fact that although born in the 70's I have never seen a Star Wars film. Nor E.T or anything like that, must have had a sheltered youth x


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