Monday, 6 February 2012

Our Snowy Weekend

On Saturday, both football and rugby were cancelled due to frozen pitches and the threat of snow, so all day long, the kids were saying "why isn't it snowing yet?" and "mum, mum where is the snow?".  I had a client viewing on Saturday evening and by the time I had finished the viewing, the landscape was white.    The kids of course were in bed, so I was *really* looking forward to them waking up to a white landscape.

Beansey was first up, shrieking (as only he can) "it's snowed, it has really, REALLY snowed!" and it didn't take long before all three of them were jumping all over us wanting to go outside.  We made them wait until 8am (sorry neighbours!) and all of them ran into the garden for a snowball fight and snowman building extravaganza.  

  After two hours of play in the garden, we came in for hot chocolate and bacon sarnies.  I had put a loin of pork in the oven with roasted apples and we then headed to the park to try out the new sledges.  We bumped into some friends and had a huge snowball fight followed by lots of sledging (muddy!).  

One of the best things about the boys loving their rugby is the actual club itself!  We arranged to meet some rugby friends at the club to watch the Wales/Ireland game and the children had a ball with two pitches worth of virgin snow.  It is such a safe environment for them to play in - reminds me of being a child myself as they really do have the freedom to run and run as it is totally enclosed and private, it was lovely to see children from 3 upwards all playing together regardless of age.  I love how the older kids look after the little ones.  

It was a fabulous, family, fun filled day with friends (that's a lot of F's!) and the kids were very sad this morning to not have woken up to another flurry!  

Did you have a lovely weekend in the snow?  What did you all do?

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. thanks Liska - you have all this to come with A!!!!

  2. What a lovely tale of family fun - and that rugby club and the untouched fields sound wonderful - gorgeous photos too x

  3. Lovely post and great pictures, there's nothing better than seeing the smiles on their faces xx


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