Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Marking out your territory

I was talking to a friend today who has just started potty training her little one and it reminded me of a very funny event that happened when I was potty training BoBo.  He was two years old in the July and with Pixie due in the October, I wanted to get him into pants before the baby arrived so I didn't have two in nappies.

Well, that was the plan!!!!

I think you "know" when the time is right and poor BoBo wasn't ready until the October half term which was the week before my due date.  Still, being the ever optimist that I am, I persevered and the boy cracked it within four days.  I never bother with nappies at night as I strongly believe that when they are ready, they can go through the night as well.

I had the Pixie on the 30th October and of course the weeks preceding her birth were full of visitors and a 5th birthday party for our Beansey.  Still, the BoBo did us proud, using the loo and telling us when he needed to go.  He was a superstar!

My cheeky 2 year old around the time of the "poo incident"

Until, one day, I went upstairs.  He was in Pixie's nursery and was climbing into her cot.  I was peeping through the door and I thought to myself "ah, the wee laddie is going for a snooze" (bearing in mind he was just 2 and a bit) but no, he then pulled his trousers and pants off.

Then, squatted down and curled one out.

I was gobsmacked and quickly went into his room and pretended to put something away.  When I then went into his sisters room and asked "what on earth THAT was?" He proceeded to tell me "Mummy, naughty Pixie did that".

Surely a case of sibling jealousy.  Either that or marking his territory!  

You decide.

Peace and Love



  1. tee hee hee - can always rely on me to lowet the tone ;-)

  2. Oh yes, makes me smile to remember! Thanks for commenting xoxo

  3. PMSL! I love it. That is one to tell his girlfriends when he's older lol

  4. hahahahaha! thats made me chuckle, especially the phrase, curled one out!

  5. Too funny! Think he was def marking his teritory!


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