Monday, 6 February 2012

Madonna at the 2012 Superbowl

Last year's Superbowl was watched by 111,000,000 MILLION people Worldwide making it the highest watched programme in US history, it is the most expensive programme to advertise in globally and the half time ceremonies are a massive highlight.  It's no wonder then that this event is called "Superbowl Sunday" in the US.

So it wasn't a surprise that Madonna was quoted  before hand as saying "I have to put on the greatest performance during the greatest show on earth" and boy did she NOT disappoint!  I have just watched it back as couldn't stay awake last night and she is beyond sensational.

What I love about Madonna is her ability to keep things fresh, she is constantly evolving as an artist and by mixing it up she remains as inspirational now as she was to me all those years ago in the 80s!

Here's the video from last night - Madonna at her best?!   What do you think??

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. Ha ha to your 8 year old!!

    I still think she was AWESOME! Did you watch live?

  2. Oooh, I don't know. It was a spectacle alright but those boots made her move in a very awkward way, not to mention that she almost fell backwards once. My heart was in my mouth on her behalf most of the time, which I'm sure, is not what she wanted.
    My 8 year old after watching the commercial with Betty White in it (not sure if it played world wide) said "Is that the same old lady that was singing and dancing at half time?"

  3. i loved Madonna, really loved her, dressed up like her and pretended to have a beauty spot where she had one, wore the lace gloves etc, etc, but the last couple of years I've started to think she's off the boil, particularly when I saw a music video today for a song I'd never heard (must be most recent one) and it was bloody awful. Not to mention that I reckon she now needs to stop prancing around in her pants. She reminded me of someone and it hit me who that was. Tina Turner! Obviously another legend but I distinctly remember thinking when I was about 10, why does that old lady walk around with hardly anything on? And I think a 10 year old me would say the same of Madonna now. Oh well, I think I'm getting a bit old and long in the tooth ;0)


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