Friday, 17 February 2012

Keeping House. I'm talking cleaning!

Growing up, I was a messy so and so.  I blame the mother, she did everything for us kids and although she will argue the toss now, she really did do the lot - washing, cleaning, cooking, ironing, making beds every day, putting clothes away, you get my drift.  We tidied and polished our rooms when we were older for a bit of pocket money, but really, I was clueless when it came to "keeping house".  Consequently, when I left home and bought my own flat, I didn't have a clue.   My first flatmate was one of my best friends Pinky, she was from a similar background and the flat was either uber tidy or uber messy.  

We had an amazing time in that flat but the extent of our cooking was putting the kettle on for a pot noodle.  If we wanted "proper" food, we would head back to our respective parents or eat out!

We didn't really clean, every Saturday morning we would spend a few hours cleaning the flat (it was a duplex) top to bottom and then pretty much exist for the rest of the week.  The truth of the matter is, it didn't really *need* proper cleaning every day, we were rarely home!!!

2 years ago in a tuk tuk somewhere in and the Pinky, still misbehaving! 

Fast forward twelve years and I am living in a Victorian 4 bedroom, 3 storey 2 bathroom household with 3 children and a husband.  We are in and out several times a day and I am now having to clean on a more regular basis.  I struggle to keep on top of it all but as with everything, I use the best tools in order to a) make it easier for me and b) multi-task.

One of my "things" is having clean floors.  We have wooden floors throughout the open plan downstairs and limestone in the kitchen.  When vileda contacted me to see if I wanted to try out their new range, well who was I to argue? 

They kindly sent me a super mucio 3D mop and bucket which was a new one on me, I have always used string mops so was keen to see the comparison.  The mop was awesome, it was much bigger than my traditional string vileda and the bucket was strong with a handy place to hang the mop once I had finished cleaning.  

                            Very impressive, I don't see myself going back to string mops any time soon.

We are lucky enough to have two bathrooms and to be honest, HAW and I never use the kids one.  We have the whole top floor to ourselves which is handy given the state the kids bathroom gets into.  I have always said that someone should invent a mop and bucket system for bathrooms and vileda are 50% of the way there with their bath magic system.  This is basically a sponge on a stick which meant I could get to the top tiles really easily.  Despite this, I was really disappointed with the "system" to clean.  I had filled the sink with water and then had to stand on the bath to go over the tiles as they were dripping water.  As soon as vileda come up with a mini bucket solution, I will be a convert.  As it stands at the moment, it didn't make my life easier as it took far longer to clean the tiles.

lovely sparkly clean kids bathroom (well for 20 mins perhaps?)
So, to conclude, cleaning and I have had a love/hate relationship over the years.  I love a tidy, clean house but I hate housework.

Now where did I put that mop?

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

Disclaimer: I was sent a selection of vileda products to try out - as you can see, there is room for some improvement but overall my experience was good!


  1. You sound like you like cleaning as much as I do.....

  2. Hi SAM! Having a family, working, shopping, cooking,...and that is just to start! Don't mention cleaning, or ironing, or washing... need I go further?! Where did U put that MOP?

  3. Anything to make the housework easier is a winner!


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