Wednesday, 8 February 2012

In the Blink of an Eye.....

In a heartbeat, the life as my friend Tamsyn who blogs at Manic Mum's Blog changed.  Her lovely husband Alex suffered a very serious head trauma that resulted in 2 brain bleeds.  Tamsyn was told to prepare for the worst.

However, Alex pulled through.  He is now blind.

They have left their rural life in France to come back to the UK as Alex lost the ability to understand French and by being back on "home soil" his recovery will be quicker.  We are talking years though.

Tamsyn is back, she has 4 young children to look after and they have quite literally left everything in France bar their clothes.  The children do not have any toys, they are unsettled and Tamsyn is struggling, she is going through the plethora of emotions from anger to sadness and feels "at sea".

I blogged in January about £1 is all we need in the hope that you would sacrifice your morning coffee or evening glass of wine and find it in your hearts to donate just £1 to the rehabilitation fund.

The beautiful Alyson Andrew has also pledged to help and all profits from her Mothers Day Mini Canvas is being donated to the family.

BUT we still need your help.  This is not a registered charity but a fund to help an amazing family survive.  This is for the bare essentials, to make their lives a little easier as they wait for Alex to recuperate.

You can donate HERE or DM me direct if you would like to get involved in any fundraising initiatives.

Peace and Love


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