Monday, 20 February 2012

February Half Term 2012

So, another week has been and gone.

My babies went back to school today and whilst I enjoyed the tidy house, my goodness, it was quiet.

I really enjoy having them at home as genuinely feel that I get to know them that little bit better.  

Everyone is relaxed, no timetable or agenda and we just enjoy hanging out together.  We did some lovely things everyday including a James Bond Workshop, a bike ride in the park, visited the lovely Tamsyn, went horse racing and the icing on the cake was Beansey's rugby team winning  5 out of 5 games at the curtain raiser cup on the Saturday.

It really was a lovely, relaxing week - I love you my darlings.

Bring on Easter please!!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. Your kids are beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful week off. Roll on Easter and lots of chocolate!

  2. I agree with was too short, I would much prefer two weeks at half term and then four weeks in the summer

  3. Roll on Easter indeed! I love the carefree days of the school holidays with no routine to be slave too. Lovely photos :) xxx


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