Friday, 3 February 2012

Davina for Next - Week 4

Well last week saw me suffering so how did I fare this week?!

I have been on fire is the answer to that!

As part of the Next Blogger Network I was lucky enough to be picked as a Davina for Next blogger and despite going to Sri Lanka and feeling ill last week, I have manged to lose 6lbs in weight!

Just to clarify, I was using Monday as my weigh in day (Monday just gone, had lost 5lbs) but have decided to switch this to a Friday as it means if I over indulge at the weekend, then I have the rest of the week to make up for it.  Anyway, this morning after my run, I hopped on the scales and have lost another 1lb since Monday! 

Total weight lose so far: 6lbs.

So, what has inspired this change?  Firstly, I am listening to my slimpod from thinking slimmer which I will be blogging about monthly from next month,  despite being a sceptic and not sticking to this once before, I have tweaked things slightly and it has made a huge difference.  Some very strange things have been happening and I'll update you of that very soon!

Secondly, Davina and Next sent me her latest DVD for 2012 "ultimate target" which is absolutely amazing!

I have used a fitness DVD at home before, instead preferring to go to the Gym or for a run, but this really is an inspirational DVD.  It targets key areas such as "bingo wings" and "bikini bum" as well as 15 minutes of hell I mean fun with an abs specific section.  Throw in a cardio workout and a boot camp section and you have a great all round fitness DVD.  

The only negative for me is that I am doing it at home in a cramped space - I need company (so if any London/Surrey PT's want to take up the challenge of keeping me on track, please do get in contact!!).

What has shocked me more than anything, is that I am struggling. I used to workout 4x a week and eat what I want within reason, but then health issues got in the way and I broke my toe in training.  I have all sorts of hormonal issues related to my Thyroid which means that although weight loss is possible, it is going to be slow.  Still, as long as it is going in the right direction, I am happy to go with it.

How are you all doing on your fitness plans?

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. Oh I have no fitness in my life at the moment but need to introduce some. Well done on the 6 pounds lost xxx

  2. I've heard great things about the Davina DVD so be great to hear your thoughts-a review perhaps? Well done on the weight loss and hope you feel better soon.

  3. Good girl with the loss and starting with the exercise DVD. I have found that after 4 weeks I am so into my exercise DVD and for me 6am is the perfect time as then I am guilt free all day! Mich x

  4. Sounds like you are doing really well! The abs section hurts doesn't it! Am kinda sad that its over but will keep checking in with you anyhoo x


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