Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Super Amazing Mum Loves............

This week I have fallen in love all over again with MAC pro longwear lipcolour.  I first discovered these about five years ago and then went through a "red only" lipstick stage and at the time, MAC didn't have a red colour in the longwear.

Last week I was shopping on the Kings Road and popped into MAC for a browse, I was thrilled to see that they now have the longwear in red (Passion preserved) and promptly bought two!!

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They retails at £17 and is a double ended stick - colour at one end, and then a clear gloss at the other.  You apply the colour and then use the gloss throughout the day to add shine.  It really does stand the trials of the day - kisses, coffees and lots of chat and the colour is still there.  In fact, you do need a good make up remover to get rid of the colour but it lasts all this time without drying out.
If you are looking for long lasting colour with shine, then I can't recommend these highly enough!!  They are great for mums on the run and a superb time saver!

Do you have a favourite time saving beauty product??

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. but if you use the gloss regularly then it is fine no??!! What is a pro card and how do I get one??!!!! (let me see, need to be a film maker by any chance?!)

  2. It's LUSH Fiona, mine is still on from 8am this morning!!!!

  3. I absolutely love prowear but I have to admit I use it everyday so I can kiss my monkey and it's totally drying my lips out. Hope Mac don't read this as they give me a yearly pro card through my film work!

  4. Been looking for a good recommendation. Will give this a go. Thank you

  5. See this is whey we got on so well, I'm a red lips kind of girl too! :)


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