Sunday, 8 January 2012

Scruffy Hair

I'm cursed with natural curly hair which means that I am unable to do much with it,  I used to get it blow-dried straight twice a week pre kids, but I just don't have the time or inclination to do that now.  Consequently I have a minimalistic style in that I just let dry naturally and with the right products, it can end up looking lovely.  I have made peace with my hair and am growing to love it.

The kids on the other hand, have the worst of both worlds.  HAW has very fine, dead straight hair and both Beansy and Pixie have gone from having cute baby ringlets,  to fine, wavy hair which is the worst bits of both HAW and I!  It means that the pair of them constantly have scruffy hair - If I brush it, it frizzes and if I don't, it gets tangled.  The only time it looks lovely is after a hair wash and left to dry naturally, but come on, who washes their kids hair daily?!

Project 366 008/366

I have a water spray bottle that I squirt before school to smooth down the bed hair, but apart from that, they are always sporting scraggly, scruffy hair!

BoBo on the other hand, has amazing thick, curly, auburn hair that always looks lovely.  If I had a pound for everyone who said what beautiful hair he has.........

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. Eden shares the auburn hair and it always has such shine to it... she wants to dye but everyone comments on what a lovely colour it is. We however are all cursed with dead straight hair but I suppose if you have curly you want straight and vice versa x

  2. Lovely pic - gorgeous children!

  3. Love that pic! G has lovely hair but any kind of plait/ponytail/pigtails get ripped out in a nanno second and she always ends up looking a scruff! Ah well . . .


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