Thursday, 12 January 2012

Getting Fit with Next and Davina McCall - Week 1

Just before Christmas, the Next Blogger Network were looking for bloggers to road test the new Davina for Next range that is currently in store and on line and selling out fast.   I blogged about going from fit to fat and how I wanted to get back to my physical best, I still can't quite believe that I have gone from a 5 times a week gym bunny to a sofa sloucher, but my resolution this year is to get my fitness levels back on track.

Today, not only did I take delivery of my new fitness gear and trainers, I also put it to the test.

Here is what I ordered:

Grey Long Line Hoody

F.I.T trainers with Blue Cropped loose Pants

AWESOME hand warmers

Now all I needed to do, was put it to the test.  The skies were blue, the sun was out and so, with my ipod tuned to some hard, fast, dance music, off I set.  Now, bearing in mind, I used to be able to run 10k in less than 50 minutes, I was anticipating that I would be able to run at a leisurely pace, breathing in the air and enjoying it at least.  I went on one of my old routes which takes in the road, the woods and a giant field and I *thought* I would be able to run it all at a slow, gentle pace.

How WRONG was I?

I was jogging for less than 5 minutes before I had to stop, stretch it out (boy did my calves ache) and then set off again.  I was really surprised that I could only run for 5 minutes at a stretch.  However, I did it, was out for about an hour.  I really have my work cut out here.

So my fitness goals is thus:

1) Run 3x a week
2) Be running 10k by the 1st May without stopping

I also plan to factor in some gym work but I really want to test my fitness levels by using my running goals.  In fact, I am going to enter the London 10k to give me something to work towards.  Anyone want to join me?

I'll also be posting news and exclusive tips from Davina herself so stay tuned as I go from Fat to Fit!

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. well done you!
    I took a pic of myself in the hoody too....I couldn't believe how big that hood was...although it does look much better on you....I think I need more hair to fill it!
    Good luck with your goals and well done going for the 10K!

  2. Well done for getting started, so will you be running on the beach then?

    I love the trainers they are gorgeous. I need to get some new running trainers but I need to get some pennies first. I really wanted to do the London Moonwalk again this year and then my plan was to try for the London Marathon next year but I think I may be aiming too high? We'll see!

  3. Great plans I love running,looking forward to following your running I picked these trainers too,love the arm warmers on the top :)

  4. Brilliant plans! I am similar to you, I used to be in the gym all the time and now suddenly haven't done anything for a long time. We can do it!

  5. I love the look of those hand warmers. What a great idea.


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