Monday, 9 January 2012

Deadly 60 trading cards

We have collected them all over the years, Pokemon, Match Attax. Moshi Monsters, Star Wars, Panini and a million more I can't even remember the names but they have driven HAW nuts as they cost a lot of money and then end up all over the house.  I honestly think that man forgets what it is like to be a child at times!!  

I loved collecting stickers as a child and if my kids want to spend their hard earned pocket money on trading cards, then that is up to them!!!!  

Beansy has always been a real action man - at 3 years of age he was watching Bear Grylls back to back and has always had an interest in the world around him, he has moved from Bear (seen them all, I kid you not) to Steve Backshall and both him and Bobo are hooked on the CBBC show deadly 60.

project 366 009/366
Over the Christmas holidays, he was in the local shop and saw Deadly 60 trading cards.  Needless to say, he wanted them and was lucky enough that Santa heard his plea as he got a few packets in his stocking.  It was a massive hit with both boys and now they spend endless hours trading and testing each other on facts about the "deadliest" creatures.

Do your children collect anything???  If so, what?

Peace and Love

S.A.M xx


  1. Aw really hope L gets into it when old enough. I used to collect all the stickers, garbage pail kids especially, wish I'd been the type to keep them nicely and not stuck all over my wardrobe as they go for a' fortune now on ebay.

  2. incredibule incredibule :o

  3. They sound good, at least quite educational! Sadly Z is just into Pokemon cards :-(


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