Saturday, 21 January 2012

Davina for Next - Week 2 from Sri Lanka

It's 4am as I am writing this - just back from an AMAZING time in Sri Lanka but suffering from jetlag!

When I blogged last week about getting fit with Next and Davina MCCall I vowed to run 3x a week with a goal of running 10k in May 2012.  I have just spent the last 8 days in Sri Lanka with HAW so the big question is, was I able to schedule my runs?!

The answer sadly is no as it was just too hot to be running and I didn't have the inspiration to set the alarm to get up for an early morning run along the beach, BUT (you knew there would be a "but" hey ;-) I did exercise in some way, shape or form EVERY DAY so that more than makes up for it in my book!

The hotel we were staying in had a fitness suite that thankfully had A/C so after breakfast on 2 mornings I went for a gentle jog for 20 minutes and then spent 10 minutes lifting weights for toning, I know it's not exactly a full on workout, but baby steps and all that jazz.

However, what I did do everyday was some form of exercise from body boarding to swimming to walking on he beach at sunset (although we did this with a bottle of beer in hand I have to say) but the combination of good, fresh seafood and enjoyable, everyday exercise has meant that I have come back from holiday 4lbs lighter!  This has NEVER happened to me before and I am thrilled! Now all I need to do is keep that momentum going!
Lobster and salad pretty much every night

There are 10 bloggers taking part in the challenge, if you want to read how they are doing, then head on over using the links below:


  1. Oh no Claire!!!! I have added you to this week, it's because I copied your link in my jet lagged state!! xx

  2. Love working out but feeling like crapola since wednesday so scuppered my plans are you enjoying life pondside?

  3. whoop whoop you go girl! I would love to have taken part in this. Last year at this time I was training for the London Maratho and this year I'm training for a half in March. Impressed you worked out...feels good doesn't it??

  4. Well done lady and you are looking fab!

  5. Well done you! I have signed up for a scared enough about that. Not sure I could EVER manage a 10K but small steps! Keep us posted x

  6. You forgot me on your list lol :( Anyhow, your looking good hun, lovely gym.xx


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