Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas 2011

My poor neglected blog!!!

I am so sorry not to have posted but with HAW home for 2 weeks (glorious!) we have been so busy doing family things that I haven't had the want/need/time to blog!  AS for twitter, pah, a pathetic attempt!  I must go straight to the bottom of the class!

What I have concluded though, is that I blog when HAW is working late and so I have the time and inclination to do so in the evenings rather than watch TV.  It's been a great way for me to wind down and to recount our family life, I have really enjoyed doing so!

I want to blog about Christmas now before I forget and so that we have a record of what we did for future generations!

On Christmas Eve we did some last minute shopping and then came home where I took each child upstairs to wrap "their" presents.  In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I took each child out on their own to buy their presents.  Everything was carefully chosen from the local charity shops and they did ever so well at picking out gifts for each other.  We then started to track santa to squeals of "mum, mum he is in Osaka now" and then, just as dusk arrived, there was a mysterious knock at the door and 3 pairs of perfectly wrapped PJ's were on the doorstep with a note from Santa to say "Here are your Christmas PJ's and remember, I can't visit until you are all fast asleep".   The PJ's requested this year were "World War 1 or 2" "Gruffalo" and "Fairies" and Santa did ever so well at getting those!  Then, with a sprinkle of magic oats in the front garden and a can of Coke, carrots and a mince pie left out for Santa, it was up the stairs for our three little lovelies who all fell asleep within minutes!

Christmas morning dawned with squeals of delight proclaiming "He's been, he's really, really been" and so we went downstairs for present opening!   Santa had come up trumps, a new Pink bike for Pixie, a new blue scooter for BoBo and Trick wheels and grips and a chess set for Beansey!  Not to mention wii games, lego, remote controlled cars and clothes!  Didn't you do well my darlings!!!


We had eggs Benedict for breakfast and then had a lovely relaxed morning of playing games and enjoying each others company.  I got a beautiful vintage necklace, bracelet and earrings and perfume from HAW who got a lovely Barbour and cufflinks from me!  

HAW set to work in the kitchen whilst I got everyone ready and my parents then came over with my brother.  We had a lovely day with amazing food and the kids were all in bed fast asleep by 8pm.   The rest of the holiday was spent seeing friends and entertaining culminating in NYE where we had a beautiful beef wellington and fireworks.  It was the perfect break and I am sad to see it over.  I always LOVE Christmas and the build up but no time to get melancholy as off to Sri Lanka on the 13th January!!!!

Here's some more pictures of our magical Christmas break:

christmas dress and party shoes

My brother and dad is his Christmas shirt - he has worn this every Christmas since the 80s!

kisses for my daddy

wowee guitar - huge hit!

Peace and love to you all in 2012.

S.A.M xx

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  1. Love the pjs from santa idea! Also love Pixies Christmas dress, where is it from. Your post has made me super excited for future Christmas when L is older x


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